The Arena: Democracy in America

During its time at Tufts, this year’s graduating class got to witness some pretty cool events. Tufts had its snowiest winter ever, and President Monaco sledded down the President’s Lawn. The Sox won yet another World Series and the Patriots won yet another Superbowl (#FreeBrady). The Commonwealth of Massachusetts elected a new governor. But the […]

NYSD: If this isn’t nice, what is?

Rebecca: New York Style Dehli is the longest running Opinion column the Daily has had. Not only is it the longest running, but it is the only one column written by two people. Seeing as we’re seasoned Daily writers, Pooja and I have written a commencement issue before. However, we have never written a commencement this close […]

Op-Ed: Not knowing

On this Commencement day, I am surrounded by lovely, strange creatures called “seniors” who are exhausted by going from one event to another. It must feel like freshman orientation again, being unsure of the schedule, frantically texting friends to coordinate where to meet while trying to answer parents’ 101 questions. Today, I am falling in […]

Earth On Fire: Challenging active citizenship

Students have long played a key role in the advancement of social and environmental change in our country. Propelled by a desire to transform the world for the better, they have exerted their influence on issues ranging from the proliferation of nuclear weapons to institutionalized segregation. As I prepare to graduate this month, I’ve begun […]

Jumbo Steps: The GPA List

Standing alone, 52 is but a freckle of quantitative information. But slap a unit after it, and all hell may break loose — especially if it’s a percentage sign. This, friends, was my grade on the infamous BIO13’s first test. In hindsight, my study plan can be chalked up as a method whose guaranteed result is […]

Op-Ed: Trigger warning — free speech

We are all extremely lucky to be surrounded by our bright peers, friends and families as we graduate this weekend. For a few years, we had the privilege of sharing unique perspectives with each other. I certainly learned a lot, and I look forward to continuing to grow. Thus, it is unfortunate that some were […]