Ripple Effect: The enemy of my voter

The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the conflict in Yemen have many questioning the United States’ relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A large plurality of Americans view Saudi Arabia as an unfriendly nation or an outright enemy, according to a YouGov poll, yet a long succession of administrations have treated the […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Broadway Bridge

Welcome back! I hope your adventures over spring break have returned you to Tufts rested and ready to finish the semester. While you were out, Somerville was hard at work brewing a traffic nightmare in the form of the Broadway Bridge closure. I know most students do not drive, or even venture too far past […]

Hidden Panels: ‘JLA: Tower of Babel’ (2000)

There are occasions where a comic’s plot is so bizarre, so out there and yet so ingenious that I curse myself for not coming up with it myself. A prime example: “JLA: Tower of Babel.” Collected in JLA Vol. 4 (2014) and written by Mark Waid, “Tower of Babel” sees the world’s ability to process language […]

Shuttle Talk: Alberto Checa

If I am being honest, I don’t understand performance art. However, it is also a primary focus at the SMFA, which prides itself on pushing the boundaries of art school and exploring interdisciplinary media. Up-and-coming art students like the ones of the SMFA are the ones defining and developing the role of performance in contemporary art. […]

Hidden Panels: ‘Secret Wars’ (2015)

This week I thought I’d do something a little special. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe just took home its first Oscar gold this past Sunday, I think that we ought to celebrate the Marvel universe as a whole … by watching it get destroyed. Strap in gang: We’re talking about “Secret Wars” by Jonathan Hickman […]

Spaceship Earth: From farm to house — industrial hemp

With the planet warming, global conflict in the near future is unavoidable as resource scarcity, loss of land and extreme weather events push people to act in rational but violent ways. To limit the severity of these conflicts, we must begin making radical changes to the way we do almost everything. One interesting example of such […]

Hidden Panels: Secret Six Vol. 2 — Money for murder

In the world of comics, there is an endless cavalcade of “good people doing good things:” Batman, Spiderman, etc. There’re even a few books about “bad people doing good things,” we’ve got the “Suicide Squad,” “Deadpool,” “The Punisher,” so on and so forth. So here comes the inevitable question: Is there a bad-people-doing-bad things book? The answer […]

Review Rewind: ‘Come and See’

The Movie: Come and See  The Year: 1985 The People: Aleksey Kravchenko as Flyora, the decaying childbearing witness to the evilest of evils, Elem Klimov as the film’s director and Ales Adamovich as the screenwriter, relaying the horrors he lived through in his youth. The Non-Revealing Plot: In 1943, an adolescent boy passionately joins the local […]

Shuttle Talk: Ben Mizrach

The demographics of the SMFA shuttle are pretty consistent. There are always tired-looking dual-degree students, a few Bachelor of Fine Arts students and one of the five drivers that we have come to know and (mostly) love. Someone will be holding a Rubi machine coffee, someone will be struggling to carry a piece of art and […]

Hidden Panels: ‘Transmetropolitan’ Issue 2

Anyone who plans on reading this column long term should probably be warned that they’re going to be hearing a lot about Warren Ellis. A one-in-a-million freak of the comic book industry, Ellis is the kind of creator that takes the medium and turns it on its head. Whether it’s injecting X-files style conspiracy narratives into […]