CMHS offers telehealth as new counseling option for students

Tufts’ Counseling and Mental Health Service (CMHS) partnered over the past year with BetterHelp and iHope Network, two services that provide remote telehealth counseling services, in an effort to increase students’ access to mental health services, according to Executive Director of Health and Wellness Michelle Bowdler. The university reminded students of the services in an Oct. 17 email, after […]

Students, CMHS staff discuss positives, shortcomings of on-campus counseling services

According to its website, about 25 percent of Tufts students seek support through Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) each year. Many students have criticized its focus on short-term care, inconvenient hours and long wait times for appointments. However, both students and CMHS staff note the difficulties of expanding the scope of on-campus services. Other […]

Students, survivors discuss the impact of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault. In the aftermath of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s subsequent confirmation to the Supreme Court, Tufts students shared how this emotional process impacted them. Junior Celia Bottger noted that while she was upset to hear Ford accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault, […]

The Body Project creates new space for body positivity conversations

Content warning: This article discusses eating disorders and mental health. Disclaimer: Jessie Newman, executive features editor for the Daily, is a participant of The Body Project Collaborative at Tufts. She was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. In light of the #MeToo movement and current political climate, perceptions of and agency over […]

Mental Health Task Force continues to assess student mental health

The Mental Health Task Force, launched in the fall of 2016, is continuing to evaluate and address the state of student mental health across the university by considering student input and evaluating university policies and resources. Starting about four years ago, Tufts saw an increase in the number of students visiting Counseling and Mental Health […]

Editorial: Tufts should expand mental health services

Disclaimer: MJ Griego is a columnist for the Daily. They were not involved in the writing of this editorial. For most students, the end of the year means Spring Fling apparel orders, afternoons sprawled on the President’s Lawn and finals season, followed by everyone packing up and going home. This rollercoaster of a transition puts a big strain on students’ […]

Listening sessions held to gather information on student mental health

Tufts’ Mental Health Task Force, formed by University President Anthony Monaco last semester, has begun to conduct listening sessions with student organizations to collect input on student mental health. The task force is charged with reviewing the state of mental health for students on all Tufts campuses, examining the successes and limitations of the university’s mental […]

Tufts strives to build community, support system for undocumented students

As more undocumented students have been accepted and have enrolled at Tufts in both the Class of 2019 and 2020, following the university’s 2015 decision to begin admitting undocumented students, Tufts continues to allocate resources to support these students’ college careers and beyond. Over a year ago, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Lee Coffin announced that Tufts would change its […]

Counseling and Mental Health Services seeks to improve student experience

Especially during stressful midterm weeks, many students rely on Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) to provide assistance. In order to improve students’ experiences, CMHS has been working with student groups to gather feedback about the quality of its treatment services. Marilyn Downs, director of outreach for CMHS, explained that CMHS aims to address the mental health needs […]