Tufts Bikes’ fix-it stand aims to make campus more bike-accessible

After several months of research and cost negotiations, a new bike repair stand stationed outside Mayer Campus Center opened to the public last monday, April 18. Tufts Bikes President Claire Stone, a junior, says it has already seen some use. The stand cost $3864, $2864 of which was paid for by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate out of the supplementary […]

TCU Senate passes resolutions on Indigenous People’s Day and #TheThreePercent demands

Over 40 students attended Sunday night’s TCU Senate meeting to hear senators discuss two major resolutions on Indigenous People’s Day and solidarity with #TheThreePercent. Some of the students held signs with messages such as “#TuftsWithTheThree.” The first resolution called for the university to recognize Indigenous People’s Day in place of Columbus Day and was submitted by Chair of Student Outreach Committee Benya […]

Tufts Students for NARAL protest at Trump rally

Students from Tufts Students for National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), a chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, joined a total of approximately 20 people to protest at a rally for U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump in Tyngsborough, Mass. on Oct. 16. According to Tufts Students for NARAL President and founder Samantha Berg, students protested because of Trump’s stances on […]

Reported on-campus bicycle thefts increase

There have been more instances of reported bicycle theft so far this year, compared to total thefts in previous years. According to statistics provided by Tufts University Police Department (TUPD), there have have been 23 reported bicycle thefts since January, an increase from the 20 reported thefts in 2014 and the 21 reported thefts in 2013. […]