Local mayors, Somerville City Council declare their support for dining workers

The Somerville City Council and the mayors of both Somerville and Medford publicly backed Tufts Dining workers’ campaign for a favorable contract with the university over the past week, in a striking signal of public support. A video of Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone endorsing the dining workers’ campaign was posted on Feb. 25 on the Tufts Dining […]

The State of Housing at Tufts: On-campus shortages, off-campus exploitation and new solutions

According to the 2017–2018 Tufts Factbook, Tufts’ on-campus bed capacity for undergraduates is 3,440 — 63 percent of the university’s 5,438 undergraduate population. In contrast, other comparable East Coast institutions are largely better equipped to provide their students with housing: Middlebury College and Bates College, both of which have much smaller student populations than Tufts, are […]

Local groups showcase skills and community bonds at ‘A Very Somerville 175th Birthday Party’

On March 29, the City of Somerville came together to toast its 175th year with what it called a “Very Somerville Birthday Party.” The celebration was part of a yearlong effort to commemorate Somerville’s foundation when it split from Charlestown. A colonial fair and veterans’ memorial parade are among the other events planned for the anniversary. With […]

Powder House Community School in Teele Square begins development

Preparations have begun for a mixed-use development at Powder House Community School in Teele Square. The development, which will be built by development company MarKa using the structure of a vacant elementary school, will conclude construction by summer 2018, according to MarKa Director of Development Steven Azar. Azar said that the development will include affordable and market-rate […]

Editorial: Raising the roof: Medford and Somerville’s role in the housing crisis

Debate over what to do about housing shortages at Tufts often centers around actions that can be taken by the university. However, the cities of Medford and Somerville can play an important role in helping alleviate problems for their residents and the university. It is important to note that the “spillover” of students from Tufts into […]

Medical marijuana dispensary seeks to open Davis Square location

The City of Somerville sent out letters of non-opposition to four medical marijuana companies interested in opening locations in Somerville, according to an Oct. 6 press release from Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone. These letters clear the way for the companies to begin the permit process to open locations in Somerville. The non-opposition letters were sent after Curtatone received a letter […]

Community members discuss Question 2’s potential impact in surrounding area

Massachusetts voters will decide today on four ballot questions as part of a state referendum. One of these, Question 2, calls for the approval of up to 12 new charter schools or the expansion of enrollment in existing charter schools each year. Among the charter schools that have already been established in Massachusetts is Prospect Hill […]

Off-Campus Explorations: West Somerville Neighborhood Association

Students who live in West Somerville may have received an informational pamphlet at the beginning of the school year from the West Somerville Neighborhood Association (WSNA), detailing the association’s devotion to preserving a safe, comfortable environment in residential West Somerville. West Somerville includes much of the original land on which Tufts University was founded, according to the City […]

Somerville ordinance bans plastic bags in retail businesses

A new ordinance took effect in Somerville on Sept. 1 prohibiting commercial businesses in the city from giving single-use plastic bags to customers at checkout. Businesses will now provide paper bags instead of plastic ones, and customers are greatly encouraged to use reusable bags, Jaclyn Rossetti, Somerville’s deputy director of communications, said on behalf of the members of […]

DTD to face another year without its fraternity house

Brothers from the Beta Mu chapter of the Delta Tau Delta (DTD) fraternity will not return to their on-campus fraternity house next fall, following a decision from the City of Somerville not to renew the fraternity house’s special lodging permit for the upcoming academic year. As a result, the fraternity’s housing corporation will lease the house to Tufts for use […]