‘Riverdale’ Chapter 27: What happens in ‘Lodge’ lodge stays in ‘Lodge’ lodge

Welcome to the latest episode of “Riverdale” (2017–) that for some reason also functioned as a 42-minute-long promotion for coming of age/coming out movie “Love, Simon” (2018)? This Riverdale gang-led infomercial felt mostly like filler, but that didn’t stop “Chapter 27: The Hills Have Eyes” from solidifying itself as one of the best episodes of […]

When politics, fragile masculinity, incest collide: ‘Riverdale’ Chapter 24

Congratulations, “Riverdale,” you’ve outdone yourself. This week, “Chapter 24: The Wrestler” saw the typically strange “Riverdale” (2017–) cross over into the deranged as sexual energy pulsed through a number of inappropriate relationships. As if that weren’t enough, “Riverdale” also decided to get political this week, which, for the record, must be Cole Sprouse’s doing. Ever since […]

Chapter 23 of ‘Riverdale’ improves on perplexing winter finale

A huge cloud was hanging over the midseason premiere of “Riverdale” (2017–) this week, since the winter finale reveal of the identity of the Black Hood turned out to be such a letdown. In fairness, it would’ve been hard after all the buildup for the face under the hood to be truly surprising and satisfying, but the janitor […]

‘Riverdale’ succeeds with stripped-down Chapter 21

Yes, “Riverdale.” This is how an episode of your show should be. After last week’s clunker, “Riverdale” (2017–) was in desperate need of a return to its wacky, nonsensical roots. And thankfully, this week delivered on all fronts. This episode had it all: inappropriate sexual encounters, Cheryl acting insane, teen detective work, the reintroduction of […]

Despite the Sugar Man, Chapter 19 of ‘Riverdale’ is more sour than sweet

Content warning: This article mentions sexual assault. It was going to be hard for this week’s episode of “Riverdale” (2017–) to top last week’s action-packed installment. And well, it didn’t. “Chapter 19: Death Proof” felt a little disjointed and seemed once again to serve as more of a set-up episode, although we did get a decent reveal […]

Teen militias? Yes, says ‘Riverdale’

At last, the “Riverdale” (2017–) we know and pretend not to love is back. Only retrospection revealed that a lot actually happened in “Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods,” because while watching it, it seemed like these kids were just running around doing nothing at all. The episode’s camp, reminiscent of season 1, made it easy to forget […]

Chapter 15 of ‘Riverdale’ brings gloom, gloom, more boring gloom

Things are looking very, very grim in Riverdale. Veronica’s parents are acting super shady, Archie is completely spiraling and two more lives are taken by the end of this week’s episode. The second installment of season two of “Riverdale” (2017–) landed on the more forgetful (and boring) end of the spectrum, although it seemed to set up […]