Community members discuss Question 2’s potential impact in surrounding area

Massachusetts voters will decide today on four ballot questions as part of a state referendum. One of these, Question 2, calls for the approval of up to 12 new charter schools or the expansion of enrollment in existing charter schools each year. Among the charter schools that have already been established in Massachusetts is Prospect Hill […]

Op-Ed: Why your vote matters

There is a lot of pessimism surrounding this election, especially on Tufts’ campus. As young people, we are used to being promised grand schemes and sweeping ideals every four years. This rhetoric played a key role in the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders during this election cycle. However, for many — especially people of color […]

Letter to the Editor: On Question 2

To the Editor: Question 2 will determine the future of public education in Massachusetts. Can we continue to improve our schools, or will we develop a two-tiered system with preferred funding for privately-run schools that focus on the easiest-to-educate children? There’s a lot at stake. So, point by point, I’d like to respond to Scott […]

Letter to the Editor: In response to Senator Jehlen’s discussion on Question 2

To the editor: Judging from your recent story, “State Senator Pat Jehlen discusses Question 2,” Senator Jehlen may have left Tufts students and your readers with some misconceptions about Question 2, the ballot question that would lift the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts. First, there’s a real crisis in urban education in Massachusetts. In […]

State Senator Pat Jehlen discusses Question 2

Massachusetts State Senator Pat Jehlen met with a group of about 25 students in Paige Hall Terrace Room yesterday at 6 p.m. for a discussion about the long term-effects of charter schools and why she believes voters should vote against the Massachusetts Authorization of Additional Charter Schools and Charter School Expansion Initiative, also known as Question 2, on the Massachusetts State ballot […]

Op-Ed: This November, vote no on racism, classism and charter schools

Recently, the Tufts Daily published an article entitled, “Petition 15-31: Why you should support charter school expansion in November.” I intend to counter that point; simply put, this article will explain why I believe you should vote not to support charter school expansion in Massachusetts this November. Charter schools have been increasingly touted as the […]

JumboVote looks to boost students’ voter turnout

JumboVote 2016, described on its website as “a multifaceted, university-wide initiative to boost political learning, engagement and voting in this year’s presidential election,” has been working to tackle the barriers and questions some Tufts students face when registering or voting in order to increase students’ voter registration and turnout. While the JumboVote initiative extends to all of Tufts’ departments, schools and campuses, […]

Petition 15-31: Why you should support charter school expansion in November

A very visible number of Tufts students are already revving up to vote in the general election this November. And while Clinton, Trump and Johnson are discussed furiously, the local issues that affect our community are often brushed aside. Case in point: Petition 15-31, or “An Act to Allow Fair Access to Public Charter Schools.” This referendum […]