America is dying: Two birds, one stone

Imagine this: America reducing poverty and increasing positive health outcomes at the same time. Federally organized conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs might be the answer we have all been awaiting. According to the World Health Organization, “Conditional cash transfer programs give money to households on the condition that they comply with certain pre-defined requirements.” Meaning, […]

Students, faculty discuss upcoming presidential runoff election in Brazil

Brazilians will vote in a runoff election on Sunday to decide the 38th president in the country’s complex democratic history. The clear front-runner, who won in the first round of voting by 17 points, is Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain and current member of the Chamber of Deputies who has been nicknamed the “Brazilian […]

The Equalizer: The glory of the World Cup

It’s here, it’s happening and I know, we’re not going, but we were never going to make it past the round of 16 anyway, right? The FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 14, thus commencing the most popular sporting event in human history. There are too many storylines to count. This is Messi’s last […]

Berlinale films challenge audience’s assumptions of cinema

Prominent film festivals such as the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) offer red carpet events, press conferences, screenings and after-parties to those in the film industry. For many locals, however, Berlinale means an overcrowded city, fully booked restaurants and a frustrating hunt to find tickets. Occasionally, film aficionados might discover the works of talented directors under the […]

On Location: Brazil

About halfway through “Aquarius” (2016), protagonist Clara (Sônia Braga) walks with her nephew and his girlfriend out of her apartment in Recife, on the northeast coast of Brazil, down the beach to visit her longtime housekeeper. As they talk, Clara says they are crossing from the wealthier district into the poorer district. “This sewage pipe is […]

The Echo Chamber: Universal free college, a good thing?

Two hundred years ago, the Industrial Revolution forced massive changes upon the global economy. Education followed suit, with new jobs and technologies requiring a more educated workforce. Now, in the midst of the Internet Revolution, many believe a similar shift is occurring, one where high school isn’t enough and a college education is necessary. But even […]