Editorial: Sackler exposé brings Tufts to the hot seat

A recent Esquire exposé that rocked the Internet revealed the Tufts’ Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences has indirectly profited from thousands of opioid-induced deaths. The Sackler family, champions of art and philanthropy, are also behind the success of OxyContin, a leading painkiller that is over-prescribed, sold on a mass scale and one of the most […]

The Tufts Daily Show: The Audacity of Grope

Hey, everyone! It’s Oct. 19, and today’s column is about how our potential next president may have sexually assaulted numerous women — yeah, one of those days I guess. So before I get started, I’d just like to say: RUN, RUN RIGHT NOW. PUT THIS PAPER DOWN AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. NO, […]

News roundup: top headlines of last year

The Tufts community experienced an eventful year, full of logistical, administrative and social changes. The following is a wrap-up of some of the biggest stories of 2015-2016, leading up to the start of the fall semester. September Jumbos arrived back on the Hill to find that the affectionately-termed ‘Joey’ shuttle traveling between campus and Davis Square was to be replaced […]

Honorary degree, children’s media award revoked from Bill Cosby

The university has withdrawn an honorary degree and children’s media award from former stand-up comedian Bill Cosby, following revelations this summer that Cosby admitted in 2005 court documents that he gave drugs to women with whom he wanted to have sex. In an email to the Tufts community yesterday, University President Anthony Monaco announced that the Tufts Board of Trustees revoked […]

Bill Cosby sued over alleged assault of 15-year-old

The comedy world has been turned on its head of late with accusations of sexual misconduct swirling around industry legend, Bill Cosby. On Tuesday, the story of the first lawsuit to be filed as a result of recent allegations (a 2005 case was settled out of court) against Cosby broke on major news outlets. Over […]