Group of Six reflects on a year of change

The Group of Six, a collection of six centers that provides resources and outlets for students considering their social identities, according to the Tufts student life website, has undergone several changes in leadership and structure over the past year. The Group of Six is made up of the Latino Center, Africana Center, LGBT Center, Women’s […]

History on the Hill: Identity-based resource centers

With several vacant or soon-to-be vacant director positions in the identity-based resource centers at Tufts, students have been asking administrators to act quickly to fill those vacancies and commit to staffing these centers in the interim. Searches for new directors of the Asian American, Latino and Women’s Centers are now underway, and interim staffing plans […]

Linell Yugawa to retire as Asian American Center’s director

Linell Yugawa, director of the Asian American Center, will retire after more than 30 years of leadership, according to an email sent to students on April 4. During her time as director, Yugawa launched numerous initiatives and programs including the Center’s Peer Leader Program and was deeply involved with the Pan Asian Council (PAC). Her […]

Op-Ed: University should follow TCU Senate, increase Group of 7 funding

Our identity-based resource centers are struggling. As students seek to make sense of chronic underfunding, prolonged vacancies in center directorships and understaffing for centers that support some of the most vulnerable communities on campus, it is imperative that the highest levels of administration at Tufts commit to fully funding and staffing our identity-based resource centers […]

At town hall meeting, students voice concerns about Group of Five centers

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs (DOSA) held a town hall meeting yesterday evening to discuss the futures of the Group of Five (G5), which includes the Africana Center, Asian American Center, Latino Center, LGBT Center and Women’s Center. This meeting was prompted by an op-ed written by a group of students from the Asian American Center […]

Op-Ed: The Asian American Center needs a director, not an external review

We write as a group of Asian and Asian American students concerned about the future of the Asian American Center (AAC) and other Group of Six centers. Shortly after this semester, Linell Yugawa will retire from her position as director of the AAC. Her departure follows the recent departures of Women’s Center Director K. Martinez […]

Shilpa Davé delivers talk on South Asian accents, media representation

Students gathered in the Alumnae Lounge Monday for a talk on the power of accents in American media. The event, titled “Accented America: Race, Difference, and Power” and hosted by the Asian American Center, featured Shilpa Davé, an assistant professor of media studies and American studies at the University of Virginia. Linell Yugawa, director of the Asian American […]

Student activism creates a new Start for Asian American Center

The labor and energies of student activists have been central to the Asian American Center, from its founding in 1983 after racist slurs were used against residents of the Asian American House, to its expansion into the entirety of the Start House that will take effect in the fall. Yet the work to make the […]

Student Affairs seeks to fill three staff vacancies in Group of Five centers

Following K. Martinez’s decision to leave their position as director of the Women’s Center in April, six full-time staff members are currently serving campus cultural centers. There are currently staffing vacancies including the Women’s Center director, a temporary administrative position to be hired for the summer and a staff administrator at Bolles House to serve the Latino […]

ID card scanner improves accessibility in Women’s Center

The Women’s Center announced in its Feb. 12 newsletter that it had installed an ID card scanner to expand student access to the center. K. Martinez, the director of the Women’s Center, said they led the initiative in an effort to make the Women’s Center more accessible to students who use the space. They explained that during […]