Lila Ramani: The good, the bad and the blue

A young Lila Ramani sat in her high chair bobbing her head back and forth in between bites of Cheerios to the Spanish music her parents put on the stereo. After a checkup with the family pediatrician it was determined Ramani had a mild case of boogie fever, and was prescribed a guitar to treat the […]

Junior Dorian Pistilli pursues music and computer science

Junior Dorian Pistilli is quite the interlocutor. With a quick wit coupled with a surprisingly sweet demeanor, Pistilli proves himself enigmatic — and not just in conversation. As a computer science major and music minor, Pistilli is straddling two profoundly different worlds with skill. Though music was his first love, he maintains that both offer […]

Soubhik Barari, unapologetic and uncensored

Junior Soubhik Barari is the modern renaissance man — a bad boy in a band who specializes in computer science and romance. He is redefining what it means to be in a band in college, managing his time well so that neither work nor play is sacrificed; the only victim is sleep. Barari came to Tufts […]

Ben Averill loves and lives music

Sophomore Ben Averill started playing trumpet in the fifth grade and hasn’t stopped since. A music minor with experience in Jazz Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, and a member of Tufts’ homegrown band, Shark Saddle, Averill has made music a central focus of his time at Tufts. On top of all of that he hopes to […]

SaraMarie Bottaro explores communication, community

SaraMarie Bottaro balances her interests in peace and justice studies (PJS) and her multimedia work in graphic arts and bookmaking with the elegance and grace of a dancer. But, for the fifth-year School of the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA) dual degree student from San Diego, Calif., this should come as no surprise; Botero danced […]

Sam Weiser hopes to take advantage of the music-tech boom

Sam Weiser is a rare breed at Tufts: a computer science-savvy violinist who considers arts and academics equal opportunities. In fact, he’s one of only 12 remaining five year, dual degree students enrolled in both Tufts and the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. For Weiser, a junior, choosing one path over the other was simply […]

Chelsea Newman pursues love of art all the way in Italy

Chelsea Newman — junior, advocate for peace and justice on a global scale and a proponent of a healthy community — has a major interest, and a declared minor, in art. “I am trying to find a way to combine my interest in social justice and art, and still make money,” Newman said with a half-chuckle. […]

Rachael Jackson blends best of Tufts and SMFA

Fifth-year student Rachael Jackson may become the most artistic doctor in the country. Pursuing a pre-med track like many of her fellow Jumbos, Jackson’s dual enrollment with Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) sets her apart, giving her an in-depth knowledge of many aspects related to the arts and sciences. […]

Sophomore Isha Patnaik takes a leap into the world of comedy

If you told sophomore Isha Patnaik two years ago that she would be a part of a huge sketch-comedy collective in college, she likely would have “lol’d” (or “laughed out loud”). Since becoming a Jumbo, however, Patnaik’s involvement with the sketch comedy group, Major: Undecided, has become a quintessential part of her Tufts experience. “It’s […]

Neha Sandeep links biology and art in color

Any student that has happened to wander into the Tufts’ art studio within the last four years has probably stumbled across the artwork of Neha Sandeep, perhaps even recognizing her work’s trademark vibrant colors. Sandeep, a senior, began studio art classes when she was 13 years old. Though she has been trained in drawing and other art […]