Senior Profile: Jason Martin

Jason Martin is multitalented, if nothing else. As he graduates this spring with a degree in political science, Martin will be able to say he participated in Tufts drama department performances and independent Tufts theater shows as well as Tufts Dance Collective all in his four years here. This doesn’t even include the internship Martin […]

Senior Profile: Abby Schmidt

Disclaimer: Abby Schmidt is a contributing writer for the Tufts Daily. Schmidt was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. For some seniors, going to Tufts was about a change of place. “I’ve always loved traveling and seeing new places,” Abby Schmidt said. In an open study room in the Mayer Campus […]

Hidden Panels: The Dark Knight Returns Issue 3

“It ends tonight, Joker.” These are grim words that herald the beginning of the last battle between Batman and his greatest nemesis. This week, we’re taking a look at a classic, an issue of the legendary series, “The Dark Knight Returns” — specifically, issue 3, “Hunt The Dark Knight,” written and drawn by Frank Miller with Klaus […]

Hidden Panels: ‘The Doom That Came to Gotham’

The further we creep into the frigid winter of Massachusetts, the more I dread the threat of a blizzard. Each gust … whoops, I was writing in prose again. Sorry to get spooky — I guess this week’s comic, “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham” (2000–2001) by Mike Mignola, has me attempting a chilling monologue. I […]

Shuttle Talk: Antonio Inniss

“It’s all about sharing the love, man,” Antonio Innis, the SMFA shuttle driver known as Tony, told me with a laugh on a bleary Monday morning Slackbot, completely on par with his usual friendliness and completely changing my morning grumpiness. No matter who gets on his shuttle, what ridiculously large piece of art they are carrying or […]

‘Eighth Grade’ depicts adolescence unfiltered

I challenge you not to squirm in your seat with familiarity as you watch Kayla, the lovable, socially awkward protagonist of “Eighth Grade” (2018), stumble through her tumultuous final week of middle school. Though it’s been out since July, I would strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t seen stand-up comedian Bo Burnham’s directorial debut to do so, if […]

‘This Is Us’ Super Bowl special brings long-awaited answers, closure

In a special post-Super Bowl episode of NBC’s hit drama “This Is Us” (2016—), viewers were given an answer to the question they have been asking since the show’s premiere: how, and why, did Jack Pearson die? Warning: major spoilers ahead.   The series, which centers on the lives of the Pearson family shown through both […]

‘Riverdale’ succeeds with stripped-down Chapter 21

Yes, “Riverdale.” This is how an episode of your show should be. After last week’s clunker, “Riverdale” (2017–) was in desperate need of a return to its wacky, nonsensical roots. And thankfully, this week delivered on all fronts. This episode had it all: inappropriate sexual encounters, Cheryl acting insane, teen detective work, the reintroduction of […]

Praise be the Emmys for their big little prize

Trump, look what you made Sean Spicer do. After an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last week, former White House Press Secretary Spicer made the second stop on his ‘reputation redemption’ tour at the 69th Emmy awards Sunday night. His controversial appearance was early in the show, just at the end of host Stephen Colbert’s monologue, where […]

New student publication looks to shine spotlight on arts at Tufts

Currents Magazine, a new arts-centered magazine, will release its first issue on both the Medford/Somerville and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) campuses this month, according to cofounder and SMFA dual-degree student Lily Pisano. Pisano, a first-year, founded the magazine with fellow first-years and SMFA dual-degree students Georgia Oldham and Polina Pittell. Funding […]