‘Riverdale’ Chapter 17: Of course it comes back to Betty

If this show has one more episode with this little Cheryl, a boycott may be in order. Okay, that’s a lie; much like Betty’s ponytail, “Riverdale” is iconic, not to mention the fact that this reviewer would be out of a job. But this blatant disrespect for the greatest character of our generation is completely unacceptable. […]

Chapter 15 of ‘Riverdale’ brings gloom, gloom, more boring gloom

Things are looking very, very grim in Riverdale. Veronica’s parents are acting super shady, Archie is completely spiraling and two more lives are taken by the end of this week’s episode. The second installment of season two of “Riverdale” (2017–) landed on the more forgetful (and boring) end of the spectrum, although it seemed to set up […]

‘Riverdale’ returns for equally wacky, significantly darker season 2

Content warning: This article mentions sexual violence and suicide. Welcome back to “Riverdale” (2017–present), home to exactly one restaurant, a hospital that apparently hasn’t been renovated since the 1950s and everyone’s favorite sad breakfast club. Last season’s finale of the show, based on the Archie Comics, left Pop’s, the aforementioned sole restaurant in Riverdale, bloodied after a […]

‘Hairspray Live!’ brings strong singing, strong message

Gone are the days of hate-watching live television adaptations of musicals. They have come a long way since 2013, when country singer Carrie Underwood appalled audiences with her astoundingly poor acting capabilities in the first live televised musical special in almost 50 years on NBC, “The Sound of Music Live!” (2013).  “The Wiz Live!” (2015) and “Grease: […]

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is brutal, effective

It is evident from “Hacksaw Ridge,” Mel Gibson’s first film as a director since “Apocalypto” (2006), that the director’s filmmaking ability has not waned in the intervening decade. The new film is a chronicle of real-life World War II conscientious objector Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), a Seventh-day Adventist who refused to carry a weapon when he was […]

Café Luna offers tasty, unique brunch

One can only go to Sound Bites, Renee’s and Tamper so many weekend mornings before things start to feel monotonous, especially when there are so many other brunch places to check out in the greater Boston area. One of these is Café Luna. Only three stops away on the Red Line, this Central Square spot […]

Not much to keep up with on this week’s ‘Kardashians’

It had been a long, hard seven weeks as dedicated “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (2007–Present) viewers waited on the edge of their seats for the end of the season 12 hiatus. But finally, on Oct. 23, the anticipation ended and the Kardashian-Jenner clan was back on the small screen. And what a dud of a […]

‘Designated Survivor’ lays groundwork for next political obsession

Every year during the president’s State of the Union address, one member of the cabinet is left behind, labeled the “designated survivor.” The idea is that if something devastating were to happen to the Capitol Building while the president and the majority of his staff and cabinet were there, someone from the line of succession […]

Robin Kirman explores Harvard’s unhallowed halls in ‘Bradstreet Gate’

College is a tricky time, a careful balance between the stubborn rebellion of high school, where you can scream at your parents one morning and peacefully eat dinner with them that night, and the calculated realities of adulthood, where you have to find a job and deal with a never-ending list of responsibilities that take […]