Mona Kareem explores identity in poetry reading

Mona Kareem’s poetry reading on Saturday felt like a gathering of old friends. The homey atmosphere of the Center for the Humanities at Tufts, which hosted the event, as well as the elaborate spread of cheese, crackers and wine in the entryway and the small-but-attentive crowd created an intimate, friendly environment. This friendly mood became even more […]

Arabic program partners with language learning start-up that connects students and Syrian refugees

The Arabic program at Tufts is partnering with a new start-up called NaTakallam, which pairs students who study Arabic with Syrian refugees who work as language partners for the students via Skype. NaTakallam, which translates to “we speak” in Arabic, was co-founded by Tufts alumna Aline Sara (LA ’06) as a way to connect refugees with Arabic learners for […]

The politics of language: Teaching Arabic in U.S. colleges

Three times a week, sophomore Chase Troxell climbs to the very top of Olin Hall and, along with five other classmates, crowds into a tiny room with an excellent view of the Residential Quad. They all file into the seats in front the row, awaiting the professor, who walks in, looks up and greets the class before […]

Mashrou’ Leila, Lebanese alt-rock band, electrifies on first U.S. tour

The atmosphere was electric at the Middle East in Cambridge on Monday night as Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou’ Leila played the second show of its debut U.S. tour. Blue, green, red and purple lights colored an empty stage, illuminating the instruments and mics. The crowd restlessly waited for the band to finally make its appearance. When […]