News roundup: Last year in headlines

Last year, Tufts saw a continuation of established debates and drama, as well as the emergence of new issues that stand to affect the campus in the coming months. Here is a review of the key issues as they emerged. September Led by campus group United for Immigrant Justice, more than 60 students protested outside […]

News roundup: Top stories from this year

The 2017–2018 academic year was an eventful one at Tufts. The following is a rundown of the biggest stories on the Hill this year. September Tufts’ first-ever Blue and Brown Pass Down sale during move-in gave students moving in discounted prices on donations from students moving out the previous year. The Tufts Disorientation Guide was removed from the official Tufts […]

Trustees change policy for all boards in wake of Scaramucci case

On Jan. 29, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees approved an addition to its policy regarding the removal of a member from a Board of Advisors, according to Tufts’ Executive Director of Public Relations Patrick Collins. “Removal – The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees in consultation with the Dean/Program Director, Provost, and Chair on […]

Letter from the Editor

In a democratic society, citizens not only have the obligation to make daily decisions that influence their neighbors but also the power to make change. Every day, we see examples big and small of people using their voices to force those in power to listen. Recently, the collective voices of hundreds of women started a national conversation […]

Letter from the managing board

The Daily has a proud history of speaking truth to power. Now in our last issue of the semester, we, the managing board, can only hope that we’ve upheld that legacy to the best of our ability. The Daily talked to Anita Posadas, who had been injured on the job and mistreated by Cushman & […]

Scaramucci resigns from Fletcher School Board of Advisors

James Stavridis, dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and David Harris, provost and senior vice president, informed The Fletcher School’s community on Tuesday morning that Anthony Scaramucci (LA ’86) had resigned from his position on the Board of Advisors. “We thank Mr. Scaramucci for his past service to Tufts and wish him […]

Statement of ACLU of Massachusetts on Scaramucci threat to sue student, newspaper

The ACLU of Massachusetts is advising Tufts graduate student Camilo Caballero. While we continue to review Anthony Scaramucci’s threats, there is no doubt that sending a graduate student a legal demand letter accusing him of libel just two days before Thanksgiving – and demanding turnaround of five business days – is plainly mean-spirited. Unfortunately, however, […]

P.S. …: Serenading Scaramucci

I often have to consider the repercussions of my actions when writing articles. These may include a concerned text from my parents, or potential employers accessing my views with only a quick Google search. Now, apparently, the list of repercussions when writing for a small university newspaper may include legal action. Accordingly, I want to […]

University revokes Scaramucci’s invitation to speak on campus

UPDATE: On Tuesday morning, Anthony Scaramucci resigned from The Fletcher School Board of Advisors effective immediately, according to an email to the Fletcher community from Dean James Stavridis and Provost David Harris. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (LA ’86) has threatened to file a lawsuit against the Daily and against Camilo Caballero, a second-year Master of Arts […]

Op-Ed: Scaramucci on Board of Advisors: Short-term benefits vs. long-term costs

Disclaimer: Ambassador Roberta Jacobson’s son is Gil Jacobson, the editor-in-chief of The Tufts Daily. He was not involved in the editing of this op-ed in any way. Two weeks ago in his remarks to students, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy alumnus and current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford reminded us of the […]