Students discuss their experiences as members of Tufts’ religious minority

For students who identify as religious or spiritual, Tufts offers a wide array of options for them to practice their faith on campus. This includes the presence of Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Humanist, Muslim and Protestant chaplains on campus. However, there are some students who are members of less-populated religions on campus, referred to as “minority religions.” According to […]

Disaster relief event opens new period of Buddhist activism at Tufts

Tufts Mindfulness Buddhist Sangha hosted a disaster relief event on Nov 5. The event, co-hosted with Jumbo Hurricane Relief, the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life and Public Harmony, included live music, food and an open-mic. The event, named “Disaster Relief and Compassionate Action” was meant as a response to “all the recent catastrophe” according to an email […]

Interfaith discussion group moves toward social action

Conversation Action Faith and Education (CAFE) is undergoing reorganization this semester, in the hope of increasing its membership and activism. The most immediately noticeable move planned by the group is a change of their name, swapping CAFE for COFFEE, Community OF Faith Exploration and Engagement, according to CAFE co-president Ann-Marie Lee. She said the name change […]

The Left Unity Project seeks to connect leftist students

Disclaimer: Liam Knox is the executive investigative team editor at the Daily and a founding member of the Left Unity Project. He was not involved with the writing of this article. A new leftist coalition, the Left Unity Project (LUP) has united on campus and seeks to increase communication, unity and solidarity among left-leaning political groups […]

CAFE discussion group supports interfaith identity, social change at Tufts

Upon entering Goddard Chapel at 8 p.m. last Wednesday night, a small group of students was sitting on the plushy carpet by the altar, arranged around a bucket of individually wrapped twizzlers. This group is an interfaith discussion organization called CAFE, and they have gathered to discuss the intersections between faith and the environment. The conversation flows naturally […]

At Mindfulness Buddhist Sangha, students carve space for community healing

“Focus on one breath and then the next … and then the next.” Priya Sraman’s words filled the silence of Goddard Chapel on Monday, Nov. 14 as the Tufts Buddhist in Residence led a breathing meditation. Eleven Tufts students sat cross-legged in a circle next to him with their eyes closed. During the noon open block period on […]