Do it before finals: Nov. 30–Dec. 9

Ready to cross off some items on your holiday shopping list? Desperately need to storm out of Tisch Library to take a break from battling finals? Wish that you got more of a chance to dress up after Halloween? Check out these opportunities to destress and enjoy the holiday vibe both on campus and in the […]

‘The Night is Short, Walk on Girl’ is a tender, magical triumph

Overseen by visionary director Masaaki Yuasa, already known for “Kaiba” (2008) and “The Tatami Galaxy” (2010), “The Night is Short, Walk on Girl” (2017) is an adventure in absurdity, held together with unique hilarity and masterful animation. Based on Tomihiko Morimi’s novel of the same name, the film follows a Kyoto University student through the adventures of one impossibly long […]

‘Ghost in the Shell’ is a hollow and unsuccessful adaptation

Live-action movie adaptations have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and it’s easy to see why when they are done right. Bringing animated and illustrated characters to literal life is a thrilling and nostalgic experience, and the best live-action updates further this magic by introducing enhanced plot lines and characters. Unfortunately, though visually stunning […]

The Story of Stories: Who owns a story?

Maybe it’s just the kind of publications I subscribe to on Facebook (The Mary Sue, Bitch Magazine, all that necessary stuff), but my newsfeed this week was inundated with pure rage over the first image of the upcoming American adaptation of Ghost In the Shell, one of my favorite films of all time. Ghost in […]

Anime Brigade members present panels at Boston convention

Four Tufts Anime Brigade members hosted panels at this past weekend’s Anime Boston convention that celebrates Japanese animation and pop culture. Including the four panelists, 39 Brigade members and alumni attended the convention, which has grown to become the fifth largest anime convention in North America since its beginning in 2003. Over 25,000 estimated guests visited the Hynes Convention Center where […]