Pixar’s latest film ‘Coco’ makes for pleasant family viewing

The concept of life beyond death draws much fascination from storytellers. Pixar’s newest film, “Coco” (2017), does not necessarily stage it as a central point, but rather uses it to emphasize the coexistence of family and ambition. This idea develops through the actions of an eager boy from Mexico who breaks from tradition on Día […]

Spotlight: Jehan Madhani

Jehan Madhani, a dual-degree student studying animation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) and majoring in English with a minor in Communication and Media Studies, developed a passion for both comedy and animation at a young age. She grew up watching Saturday Night Live every week and was a big fan […]

Oscar’s Best Animated Short Film nominations strengthen claim of animation as a distinct medium

“Best Animated Short Film” is one of the oldest categories of the Academy Awards, given by the organization every year since 1932. It is also arguably one of the most ignored. There are many reasons underlying the lack of attention the category has received, but primarily it is due to the fact that the public has […]

‘Anomalisa’ is a puppet movie for adults

“Anomalisa” (2015), a tender, searching new film from the mind of writer-director Charlie Kaufman and his collaborator Duke Johnson, might feature stop-motion animation and puppets, but it’s primarily preoccupied with what it means to be human, in the most expansive sense of the word. To be more exact, it deals with what it is to be human in […]