At town hall meeting, students voice concerns about Group of Five centers

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs (DOSA) held a town hall meeting yesterday evening to discuss the futures of the Group of Five (G5), which includes the Africana Center, Asian American Center, Latino Center, LGBT Center and Women’s Center. This meeting was prompted by an op-ed written by a group of students from the Asian American Center […]

Women’s Center Symposium discusses feminism, labor through art, literature

The annual Women’s Center Symposium on Gender and Culture was held on Friday, Feb. 22, in the Crane Room. The four-hour event, themed “Divisions/Revisions of Labor,” tackled the meaning of modern labor, beyond the traditional definition, and dealt with topics including gendered and emotional labor. Jessica Mitzner, a graduate assistant at the Women’s Center who organized the event, said she […]

Student activism creates a new Start for Asian American Center

The labor and energies of student activists have been central to the Asian American Center, from its founding in 1983 after racist slurs were used against residents of the Asian American House, to its expansion into the entirety of the Start House that will take effect in the fall. Yet the work to make the […]