‘Sharp Objects’ cuts through the falsity of reality

Content Warning: This article discusses rape and self-harm. As students, we strive to be independent. Our futures are now ours to mold; we are finally in complete control of our lives. Nevertheless, our pasts will always remain with us. We love going home because it allows us the chance not only to reconnect with family and […]

‘Nocturnal Animals’ is ambitious, impressively stylish

It’s common to see people who work in creative industries shift roles frequently, mostly due to the collaborative process of those industries. Musicians often pursue acting roles, actors experiment with filmmaking and filmmakers author books. While contemporary cultures have blurred the division between high and low art, there’s still a stigma against those who transition […]

The ‘Arrival’ of a successful human-alien contact sci-fi

Most modern science fiction works don’t portray human-alien interaction well. An example of this is 2012’s “Prometheus,” which had a nightmare of a plot that was simply an accessory to over-the-top visual effects. These kinds of movies hit you over the head with the fact that, surprise, there are aliens, and then they fall apart […]

Cold weather cinema: fall/winter film preview

If the rapidly approaching winter has you feeling down, look no further than your local movie theater. From science fiction blockbusters to bleak dramas and a feel-good Disney flick, there’s something for everyone as fall sets in and winter approaches. Here are the top picks of the season: “Doctor Strange,” Nov. 4 From “Sinister” (2012) director […]

Superhero blockbuster ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is worth skipping

In one of the many trailers for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which hit theaters on March 25,  Lex Luthor (a poorly casted Jesse Eisenberg) sums up the impending matchup between the Dark Knight and Man of Steel as the “the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world.” For those expecting anything but a […]