Op-Ed: Let’s talk about the ‘Greedy administrators’

Content warning: This op-ed mentions sexual assault. When Reagan started his crusade against welfare, he referred to Linda Taylor, his example of all that was wrong about government assistance programs. He propped her up as an example of “welfare queens” in low-income neighborhoods, who were supposedly collecting tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars in […]

Murphy’s Law: Expensive tuition? Thank your bloated administration

The meteoric rise in tuition recently is an important issue across the nation. Tufts’ roughly $70,000 bill increases by around 4 percent annually, more than double the national rate of inflation. The university explains these increases as being driven by innovation and expansion, but they are really caused by poor management: administrative bloat. While traditional businesses […]

Tufts Labor Coalition holds rally, raises awareness for janitors’ contract negotiations

Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) held a welcome-back rally on Matriculation Day to introduce incoming first-years, visiting parents and returning students to their ongoing fight for better working conditions and compensation for Tufts janitors. At the rally, students and custodial workers listed their demands for an upcoming labor contract currently being negotiated between C&W Services– a contractor hired by […]