News roundup: Last year in headlines

Last year, Tufts saw a continuation of established debates and drama, as well as the emergence of new issues that stand to affect the campus in the coming months. Here is a review of the key issues as they emerged. September Led by campus group United for Immigrant Justice, more than 60 students protested outside […]

Op-Ed: Different classes in education

As a graduate student, there is only one question I dread more than those asking how my dissertation is coming along: “So you want to become a professor?” I do. That’s not the point. When someone asks me that question, I need to make a decision: Will I smile and say yes, or will I […]

Negotiations between part-time faculty, administration in standstill

Negotiations between adjunct faculty and the Tufts administration appear to have reached a stalemate. According to Andy Klatt, a part-time professor in the Department of Romance Languages and a member of the faculty’s bargaining committee, the bargaining agreement was originally set to expire on June 30, but a series of disagreements between the negotiating parties have pushed […]

Op-Ed: Part-time faculty deserve a fair contract

The Tufts Part-time Faculty Union met with the university several times this past spring and summer to negotiate a follow-up to our first contract, signed in 2014. The union had hoped to reach an agreement before our contract expired on June 30, 2017. We felt that a new understanding would reflect a willingness on the […]

Editorial: Tufts should further support adjuncts

As negotiations begin for a new contract between the part-time faculty union, represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Tufts administration, Tufts should continue to increase the wages and benefits for part-time faculty and create more tenure-track positions. The most recent contract, negotiated in 2014, is due to expire on June 30, according […]

Part-time faculty prepare to renegotiate contract

The collective bargaining agreement for part-time adjunct faculty at Tufts is due to expire on June 30, and re-negotiations have begun between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Tufts administrators. Since the adjunct faculty at Tufts formed a union in 2013, their contract with Tufts has become a model for other schools in the Greater Boston area […]