2018 summer movies roundup

With summer drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to reflect on the myriad movies that graced the big screen over the past three months. Unless you live under a rock, most of these movies will come as no surprise, although some of them are perhaps unexpected. Regardless of their hype, however, each […]

‘Girls’ gets ready to say goodbye in final season premiere

The final season of “Girls” (2012-2017) premiered on Sunday, marking the beginning of the end. There’s no denying that Lena Dunham created something special, and whether people agree with or scoff at the idea that she is “the voice of this generation,” one can’t help but admire the power this show has had in catalyzing […]

The Reel World: The look

When I arrived at Tufts, I thought of a movie that parallels the point where I am in my life, as I often do. This time, I couldn’t help but recall the ending of “The Kids Are Alright” (2010). The situation, the final goodbye before I enter college, is the same, except I’m not Australian actress Mia […]

Science fiction gets personal with Nichols’ ‘Midnight Special’

After finding immense critical success with “Take Shelter” (2011) and “Mud” (2013), Arkansas-born director Jeff Nichols has returned to explore the American south from an otherworldly perspective with “Midnight Special” (2016), a science fiction drama released March 18. At only 37, Nichols has been called one of the “best American directors of his generation” by […]