Senior Profile: Parker Breza

Since his early days growing up just outside of Minneapolis, Minn., senior Parker Breza has had a passion for student activism. “I had been pretty active in high school around issues of social justice, and I knew that it was something I wanted to do in college as well,” Breza said. Breza saw that the […]

Somerville groups push for more payments from Tufts

As Tufts and Somerville negotiate a new partnership agreement, activists are pressuring the university to offer more robust financial contributions to its host communities. Two dozen community, labor and student groups signed a letter urging University President Anthony Monaco to “bargain in good faith” with Somerville. Tufts’ partnership agreements with both Medford and Somerville — which include […]

Tufts amends protest registration policy following student backlash

The university reversed course on its requirement that students must register campus demonstrations of over 25 people with the Office for Campus Life (OCL), according to a Nov. 29 email to the Tufts community from Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat McMahon, Director of Community Standards Kevin Kraft and the faculty and student co-chairs of the Committee on […]

Out on the Town: HONK!

The weekend of Oct. 5 was no ordinary weekend for Somerville. Over the course of three days, activists and musicians from around the world descended on Davis Square for the yearly HONK! festival, a lively combination of music and activism. Since HONK!’s inception 12 years ago, the event has provided an opportunity for participants in […]

Senior Lillian Sun creates art from inappropriate Tinder messages on @thefleshlightchronicles

Most people who have used dating apps have stories about the funny, offensive or disturbing messages they’ve received. Lillian Sun, a senior majoring in political science and art history, and creator of Instagram account LILLIAN x TINDER (@thefleshlightchronicles), decided to make art out of those messages instead of letting them just sit in her inbox. […]

Jumbo Exchange: Political awareness

Time flies; I can’t believe it is already April — there are now only one and a half months left in my stay here in the States! It might not yet be the time to review my study abroad experience at Tufts, but these days I cannot help but look back a bit, wondering what […]

Q&A: ‘Dolores’ director Peter Bratt talks storytelling, community activism

The subject of the upcoming documentary film “Dolores” (2017), 87-year-old labor-rights activist and legend Dolores Huerta, remains “the most vocal activist you’ve never heard of.” As cofounder of the United Farm Workers labor union with Cesar Chavez, Huerta spearheaded the Delano grape strike in 1965 and played a key role in negotiating fair contracts for migrant […]

The Left Unity Project seeks to connect leftist students

Disclaimer: Liam Knox is the executive investigative team editor at the Daily and a founding member of the Left Unity Project. He was not involved with the writing of this article. A new leftist coalition, the Left Unity Project (LUP) has united on campus and seeks to increase communication, unity and solidarity among left-leaning political groups […]

Editorial: Students should support all university workers

Most students on campus know Idah Duche, a cashier at Hodgdon Food-on-the-Run who always makes an effort to greet students warmly and even seems to have learned hundreds of students’ names. She was rightly acknowledged by University President Anthony Monaco at Senior Dinner this year for her friendliness and was even featured in a Facebook […]

Tufts political groups across the spectrum energized by 2016 election

Progressive political organizations and activist groups at Tufts have mobilized around resisting President Donald Trump’s agenda and have used his surprise electoral victory as a rallying cry, according to interviews with students in multiple groups. Meanwhile, campus conservative groups are also noticing a spike in activity after the election because of statewide victories and growing approval […]