Letter from the Managing Board: Renewing our commitment to inclusivity, sustainability

Dear Daily readers, Print journalism is increasingly difficult in the 21st century. While advertising demand fluctuates, printing and distribution costs remain high. This problem is especially acute for our Friday issues, which have often failed to garner enough advertising to pay off production costs. To face this new reality, we have changed the way the Daily works […]

Accessibility at Tufts: For students with physical disabilities, the Hill is far from an ideal campus

.widget { margin-bottom: 0 } When senior computer science (CS) major Sam Slate hurt his leg playing basketball the summer of his sophomore year, he thought he’d be back to normal in no time. But what seemed like a simple injury turned into chronic pain that makes it hard for him to walk or stand. […]

ID card scanner improves accessibility in Women’s Center

The Women’s Center announced in its Feb. 12 newsletter that it had installed an ID card scanner to expand student access to the center. K. Martinez, the director of the Women’s Center, said they led the initiative in an effort to make the Women’s Center more accessible to students who use the space. They explained that during […]

Boston/College Avenue intersection to be redesigned for pedestrian safety

The intersection of Boston Avenue and College Avenue will be redesigned and rebuilt over the summer to make it safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The intersection has long been seen as a problem point for the Tufts community, according to Director of Campus Planning Lois Stanley. Stanley said that in 2012, graduate students in Tufts’ urban and […]

A proposal for on-campus printing

On-campus printing is pricey and inconvenient for most Tufts students. There is a lack of accessibility to campus-administered printers. As such, regular long treks across campus in inclement weather just to print tonight’s hefty reading assignment or tomorrow’s midterm essay are necessary but seldom desired experiences. The only places that cater to printing needs are Tisch Library, the […]