March can only mean one thing … college basketball is at the forefront of everyone’s attention. The Daily and I, Eddie “The Ides” Samuels, are here to provide you with some of the most (and least) insightful bracket advice. Unsurprisingly, one-seeds dominated the final four picks, with Villanova, Gonzaga, UNC and Kansas each earning at least four selections.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of bracketology with the Daily is the unique ways that our editors picked specific match-ups. Executive News Editor Joe “National Frozen Food Day” Walsh did as one might expect of a newsman and relied on the reputable sources — in this case, Nate Silver’s percentage-based breakdown.

Executive Features Editor Costa “Buzzard’s Day” Angelakis chose a different tact. He relied on weighted games of rock-paper-scissors with his roommate. Managing Editor Jei-Jei “Alien Abduction Day” Tan relied on the power of mascots to break down the tough calls, leaving her with the Wildcats, the Wildcats, the Wolf Pack and the Razorbacks in her final four.

Kathleen “Ash Wednesday” Schmidt and Gil “Purim” Jacobson were surprisingly the only two to include Gonzaga in their championship match-up. While washed-up former Executive Sports Editor Phil “National Chocolate-Covered Raisins Day” Goldberg picked a battle of the Carolina rivals UNC and Duke in the finals. Production Director Sebastian “Chinese Arbor Day” Torrente showed some favoritism to the Ivy League, and has the Princeton Tigers upsetting literally everyone to win the title.

In the words of my predecessor: With that, may our (not-so) oblong balls bounce favorably, may we pick the winningest teams and may Phil fail horribly.