Vinny’s Variety Pack: NFC East draft needs, part 1

Fantasy football and regular football are finally over (hold it together, Vinny, don’t let ‘em see you cry). Unfortunately, that means that all we have for sports until August is regular season baseball. Can you believe it? Kickoff isn’t for another 31 weeks, if I did my math correctly. That means that we have six months to talk about the football offseason. How exciting! Every week from now until the draft, I am going to break down the needs of each team and talk about possible players that could fill those needs. Players that I’ll mention might not be familiar names, but I will give a quick highlight of their skills. Additionally, I will talk about each of the league’s biggest free agents and discuss both their best fit and their most likely landing spot. There’s no season quite like the football offseason, am I right?! So, sit back, relax and let’s talk football.

New York Giants, Pick 23
Draft Needs: LT, RT, TE, LB

If you watched any New York Giants game, these needs are no surprise. One of the league’s top QBs (Eli Manning) paired with arguably the best receiver in the NFL (Odell Beckham Jr.) produced the 22nd best offense. This might be because, according to Football Outsiders, the G-men had the 24th best offensive line. With Ereck Flowers (LT) being the most pressured and most penalized tackle in football, it’s no wonder they boasted one of the worst rush defenses in football. It is time to give up on Flowers and find a bruiser for Manning’s blindside. The ideal lineman would be Cam Robinson out of Alabama, but he will likely be a top 10 pick. I think a more suitable choice would be Roderick Johnson out of FSU. This 6’7” LT is a blocking machine, earning the award for the ACC’s top OL the past two years. This man is the perfect choice to prevent Manning from taking any more hits to the head — something he desperately needs.

Philadelphia Eagles, Pick 14
Draft Needs: WR, RB, LG, CB, FS

According to Pro Football Focus, the Eagles had the NFL’s eighth best offensive line. The big men are definitely doing their job in protecting their rookie sensation, Carson Wentz (QB). The problem is that Wentz has no one to throw the ball to. Jordan Matthews is, at best, a slightly above-average receiver, and after him, there are no players worth naming. If Philly wants success, it needs someone to catch the damn ball. My suggestion is Curtis Samuel (WR) out of Ohio State. Originally a running back, Samuel is quick and versatile. In today’s NFL, having a hybrid playmaker is the new (and successful) fad. Take a look at Tyreek Hill out of Kansas City or Ty Montgomery out of Green Bay. These guys are successful when running in any direction and can do every route on the route tree, and both caused their teams’ offenses to explode. A guy like Samuel could bring the same success to Philly.