Editor’s Challenge | Week 13

Hello sports fans and welcome back to Editor’s Challenge! In the aftermath of Thanksgiving we all forgot to submit picks for week 12 so that means zeroes across the board. Zach “Wheat Rubinoff” Hertz remains in first place, but the Daily’s Internal Affairs force recently discovered that *Hertz has simply been stealing picks from Oddsshark.com. In light of that sobering discovery, we have unanimously decided to place an asterisk next to Hertz’ name as a punitive measure.

This week there is consensus that Dallas should defeat Minnesota, though the Vikings should never be fully counted out. Eddie “Smirnoff Ice” Samuels and Phillip “Bombay Gin” Goldberg agree with Max “Everclear” Lalanne — who is representing the Guest spot this week — that the Lions will hang over the Saints in a high scoring game. Hanging on by a thread, the guest spot has to outscore Sophie “Jose Cuervo” Lehrenbaum and Eddie “Smirnoff Ice” Samuels over the next two weeks to stay out of last. With that, may our oblong balls bounce favorably, my we pick the winningest teams and may *Zach forever feel shame in his asterisk.

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