Letter from the Managing Board: Support fund

For a fourth semester, the Daily is once again proud to offer its support fund, a stipend program aimed at supporting members of the Daily with an interest in journalism and demonstrated financial need. Often, involvement in an on-campus organization can be difficult for those facing financial barriers, and the support fund is one of our initiatives to make the Daily more accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to pursue student journalism.

Two $250 stipends will be available to those who have just begun their work with the Daily or who are interested in becoming involved. Members of all sections are eligible, including layout and copy editors, writers, videographers, graphic designers, staff photographers and members of the social media and online teams. We encourage all those who have recently joined the Daily or who are interested in joining to apply for this stipend regardless of prior experience.

One $500 stipend is open to current masthead members who contribute a significant number of hours to the Daily each week. Applicants for this award may be editors, assistant editors, editorialists, or members of the visual content and production sections. All awards will be disbursed in two increments during the semester.

The support fund does not solve issues of exclusivity and inaccessibility at our organization. The more our staff meetings,  newsroom and masthead reflect the many identities on campus, the better the Daily will be. We hope that the support fund can help us further our larger goal of building a more intentional and inclusive newspaper that can continue to be an important resource to our community.

To apply, please visit this link and submit your application by noon on Feb. 16. Please contact daily@tuftsdaily.com or any of the members of the managing board with questions or concerns about the support fund. We look forward to reading your applications.


Catherine Perloff, Editor-in-Chief
Mary Carroll, Managing Editor
Zachary Hertz, Managing Editor
Ellah Nzikoba, Production Director
Arman Smigielski, Associate Editor