Letter from the Editor in Chief: Class of 2024, welcome home

Dear Class of 2024,

On behalf of the entire Tufts Daily, I’d like to be one of many to officially welcome you to Tufts! My name is Alex Viveros, and as is traditional of the Editor in Chief for the first issue of the year, I want to use this letter as an opportunity to introduce you to both The Tufts Daily as well as our school as a whole.

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that your class is embarking on a journey unparalleled by any previous incoming class. I can imagine that the uncertainties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic may appear daunting when coupled with the traditional anxieties brought forth by beginning a new chapter in your life. With that being said, I want to assure you that your new family at Tufts is here to support you. We admire your perseverance, and no matter where in the world you’re joining us from, we’re excited to welcome you home.

You see, the unique spirit and thriving energy of Tufts is one that transcends borders and connects us as one, global community. Whether you’re on campus, remote or taking a leave of absence this semester, your voice and experiences will help shape the collective Tufts identity. As a student newspaper, it’s our job to give you a platform to share those stories. This summer, the Daily thought about what it means to be a Jumbo as we prepared for this semester. We decided to pioneer four special issues, which will be released monthly and reflect what we believe to be the core aspects of what makes Tufts, well, Tufts.

The first of our four special issues is “Welcome Back, Tufts,” which you’re reading right now! In my experience, Tufts students are some of the most welcoming and kindhearted people you’ll ever get the chance to work with. This is a place where the collaborative energy of learning is valued, and with this issue, we want to give you an introduction to what collaboration at this school looks like in the form of our beloved paper.

Within the large Jumbo family, there are many individual communities that intermingle and contribute to Tufts’ collective identity. In our second special issue “Communities at Tufts,” we will highlight these spaces on campus, allowing our readers to share what makes Tufts a home for them.

As the smallest independent college newspaper in the country, the Daily recognizes how impactful every individual’s voice can be in inspiring important change. As we approach the November election, we want to give the members of the Tufts community the chance to talk about the issues on the ballot that are significant to them. Our Election Guide will be released on Nov. 3.

The spirit of Tufts is perhaps captured most endearingly upon reflection at the end of the semester. As we prepare for finals, we have time to look back on all that we accomplished in a semester; the subjects we learned, the friends we made and the causes that we fought for. To cap off the Daily’s fall print run, we will be publishing a Winter Edition in December.

My biggest piece of advice to the Class of 2024 is to use your experience at Tufts to push yourself to try things you’d never expect to. As a Jumbo, you have the unique opportunity to combine all of your different interests. Whether it be by joining a new club, taking a class outside of your major or reaching out to someone with a different life story than you, use our collective global space to transcend your limits. A senior gave me this advice during my first week at Tufts; following it led me to find both the work and the people I love at the Daily, and it led me to write this letter to you. One day, one of you will be writing this letter, and I am excited to see what your class has in store. 

To the Class of 2024, I wish you the best of luck. Your Tufts family is always here for you, and we welcome you to our light on the Hill.


Pax et Lux,

Alex Viveros

Editor in Chief, Fall 2020