The Daily has a proud history of speaking truth to power. Now in our last issue of the semester, we, the managing board, can only hope that we’ve upheld that legacy to the best of our ability.

The Daily talked to Anita Posadas, who had been injured on the job and mistreated by Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) Services. Posadas bravely stood up and shared her story. Posadas shined a light on the mistreatment of workers, confirming many fears that facilities workers are treated as second-class members of Tufts’ community.

In an effort to keep up with the ever-changing face of journalism, we have increased the number of stories that we broke online, rather than relying on a print schedule and following rules to obtain a minimum number of stories. This was especially evident in the numerous community messages regarding Greek life sanctions this semester; rules can be a good thing but can also stifle creativity and timeliness. We can be lost in the monotony of production and miss the fact that a story should be visible before the next morning.

We also faced down an individual we never expected to, Anthony Scaramucci. Most students don’t expect to spend their trip home for Thanksgiving reading a cease-and-desist letter from a lawyer retained by a former White House communications director, but after consulting with the Student Press Law Center and double-checking the facts, we firmly stood by the words we published in voicing our support for a free press. From this experience, the biggest takeaways were a reminder that public figures, such as Scaramucci, cannot easily claim libel, and if you can clearly articulate your argument in why you published a piece, people will support your efforts.

We are not so arrogant as to believe that we didn’t make mistakes this semester, but in the case of the statements to which Scaramucci objected, we know ourselves to be in the right, and we will not quietly cease and desist as he wanted. We faced a gargantuan opponent whose checkbook could’ve easily buried us, but we refused to be buried.