A question was raised today by students- Why was the International Center (I-Center) not included on the Letter to the Editor (12/6/2017) from the Group of 5 Center Directors? It was not intentional that the I-Center wasn’t included in the Daily’s Letter to the Editor. In fact, the I-Center staff fully supports the Asian American Center’s request for a more accessible and welcoming space by separating the residential unit from the administrative office.

Because the mission of the I-Center is different from the Group of Five centers, there are times when the I-Center is unable to collaborate and participate in activities that are being sponsored by the other centers.

The I-Center is responsible for immigration services for AS&E, SMFA, Friedman School/Human Nutrition and Research Center and the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. The I-Center is also responsible for undergraduate, graduate and faculty/research scholars at those schools with the addition of Fletcher scholars and faculty. This responsibility requires quick actions and does not always allow the I-Center to be active in G5 events.

There will be times when the Centers will be represented as G5 or as G6, but we are connected to one another through our shared commitment with social identities work. The International Center has been and will continue to be a vital resource on campus for international students and for American students living abroad!

Jane Etish-Andrews, Director, International Center