Letter to the Editor

The elephant head statue that adorns the entrance to Dowling Hall, home of the Career Center, is pictured on Aug 20, 2014. Nicholas Pfosi / The Tufts Daily Archive

I agree with much of the Daily’s editorial, “Greek Life transparency a vital change of pace.” It is necessary and important that the University is straightforward with its student body, that it explains what is happening and what actions it is taking to combat toxic and violent behaviors and histories.

However, where I disagree with the Daily is that we must be more careful in our blanket praises of transparency. While yes, it is a good thing — this is certainly a step in the right direction achieved because of student activist demands — we must remember that transparency can be weaponized.

The University is being transparent with us only because they see it as strategic; this is a chance for them to craft their own narrative. They are picking and choosing what to be transparent about, and — as many students have pointed out — they are already leaving things out. The chart they published provides no information about AOII’s documented histories of classism and transphobia. There is no explanation for why DTD was able to get their house back (yes, I know they own it), despite the fact that two people were stabbed there. These are some (of many) examples of what Tufts is choosing not to disclose. While we can be grateful for this newfound transparency, we must not let it move us towards complacency.

Ben Kesslen