A post-election statement from the Nov. 9 faculty group at Tufts University

In this post-election moment, we have witnessed increasing threats to the present and future safety and wellbeing of our community. As faculty members at Tufts University, we pledge to actively commit ourselves to social justice and principles of community, compassion, decency and protection. We commit to continuing the work of teaching, conducting research and encouraging civic engagement at Tufts and in our communities in ways that rise to the challenges of this moment. We are and we stand with black, Muslim, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Asian and Native American communities, people without papers, people who are differently abled, women and girls, immigrants and refugees – with all people working for equity and justice.

In the few days that have passed since the election, students and members of university communities have already been targeted with physical violence, threats and acts of racist or otherwise hateful speech. In this climate, and with an eye to the future, we call upon the university leadership and administration to reaffirm their commitment to Tufts’s core principles of access and inclusion. Just as we state our commitment to diversity and social equality, as well as our opposition to discrimination, bigotry, sexual assault and violence against the vulnerable in the aftermath of the election, we ask that university leadership remain committed to Tufts’s values of being a university that welcomes students, faculty and staff from many different races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds and national origins. We invite them to state their absolute commitment that no forms of hate speech, bullying, harassment or intimidation will be accepted. We must protect academic freedom and ask the university to assure faculty that we will be able to express our views in the classroom and teach and communicate ideas without being disciplined or suppressed.

At this time, we ask for the following:

A university statement confirming core values of respect, compassion, equality, accessibility and academic freedom,
Robust and ongoing provisions for the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and faculty who are Muslim, undocumented, female, disabled, black, Latinx, people of color, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ+ in the post-election climate,
Continued support for the six student centers and their directorships, the University Chaplaincy, as well as for The Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism and Diaspora (RCD), The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD) and related departments and programs,
Commitment to strengthening the role of the Diversity Council at the highest administrative levels and to replacing the departing Chief Diversity Officer in an expedited manner,
Ensuring that the entire campus is a space where all students may congregate without threat,
Specifically declaring Tufts a sanctuary campus and pledging to protect undocumented students and faculty from deportation; more generally declaring Tufts a sanctuary for any individuals subject to threats or harm on the basis of their identity or political beliefs.

As a first step, we ask university leadership to hold a public forum to listen to post-election concerns of the Tufts community, as well as to call for ideas regarding ways that the university may best proceed in responding to present and future challenges to our core values.

Lisa Lowe, Professor of English, Director of the Center for the Humanities
Kamran Rastegar, Associate Professor, International Literary and Cultural Studies
Christina Sharpe, Associate Professor of English, Africana, & Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Kris Manjapra, Associate Professor of History, Director of Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, & Diaspora
Heather Curtis, Associate Professor of Religion, Director of American Studies
Sabina Vaught, Associate Professor, Chair of Department of Education, Director of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Pawan Dhingra, Professor of Sociology, Chair of Department of Sociology
Joseph D. Litvak, Professor of English, Chair of Department of English
Pedro Angel Palou, Professor of Latin American Literature, Chair of Department of Romance Languages
Heather Nathans, Professor of Drama, Chair of Department of Drama & Dance
Brian Hatcher, Professor and Packard Chair of Theology and Chair of Department of Religion
Sarah Pinto, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Chair of Department of Anthropology
Beatrice Manz, Professor of History, Chair of Department of History
Peter Probst, Professor of Art History, Chair of Art History
H. Adlai Murdoch, Professor of Romance Languages, Director of Africana Studies
Ujjayant Chakravorty, Professor of Economics, Interim Director of Environmental Studies
Helen Marrow, Associate Professor of Sociology, Interim Director of Latino Studies
Kendra Field, Assistant Professor of History
Freeden Oeur, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Lee C. Edelman, Fletcher Professor of English
Natalie Shapero, Professor of the Practice of Poetry, Department of English
Matt Hooley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Native American Studies
Jay Cantor, Professor of English
Samuel Sommers, Professor of Psychology
Sonia Hofkosh, Associate Professor of English, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Judith Haber, Professor of English
Julian Agyeman, Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
Noe Montez, Assistant Professor of Drama & Dance, Director of Graduate Studies in Drama
Steve Cohen, Senior Lecturer in Education
Ellen Pinderhughes, Professor, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study & Human Development
Jayanthi Mistry, Associate Professor, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study & Human Development
Rachel Applebaum, Assistant Professor of History
John Fyler, Professor of English
Steve Marrone, Professor of History
Jean Wu, Senior Lecturer in American Studies
Elizabeth J. Remick, Associate Professor of Political Science
Pearl Robinson, Associate Professor of Political Science
Ronna Johnson, Lecturer in Department of English
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson, Lecturer, Creative Writing, Department of English
John Lurz, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Katrina Moore, Director, Africana Center
Linell Yugawa, Director, Asian American Center
Rubén Salinas Stern, Director, The Latino Center
Amahl Bishara, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor of Art History and Latino Studies
M. Ann Easterbrooks, Professor, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study & Human Development
Nathan Wolff, Assistant Professor of English
John McDonald, Professor of Music
Elizabeth B. Lemons, Senior Lecturer in Religion
Jennifer Eyl, Assistant Professor of Religion
Keith B. Maddox, Associate Professor of Psychology
Grace Talusan, Lecturer in English
Jess Keiser, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Alisha Rankin, Associate Professor, Department of History
Ayanna Kim Thomas, Director of the Graduate Program, Associate Professor of Psychology
Holly A. Taylor, Professor of Psychology, Adjunct Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Co-Director, Center for Applied Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Penn Loh, Lecturer and Director of Community Practice, Department of Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning
Gary Goldstein, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Sheldon Krimsky, Stern Professor in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Dept of Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning
Pablo M. Ruiz, Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages
Laurie S. Goldman, Lecturer in Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning
Sumeeta Srinivasan Lecturer in Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning
Barbara Parmenter, Lecturer, Department of Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning
Carol Wilkinson, Lecturer/Graduate Student Instructor Mentor, Department of English
Paul Joseph, Professor, Department of Sociology
Carl W. C. Beckman, Lecturer/Graduate Student Instructor Mentor, Department of English
Charles Inouye, Professor of Japanese, Co-Director of International Literary and Visual Studies
Monica White Ndounou, Associate Professor of Drama and Dance, Africana and American Studies, Film and Media Studies and International Literary and Visual Studies
Jeremy Melius, Assistant Professor of Art History
Jeanne Marie Penvenne, Professor of History
Natalie Masuoka, Associate Professor of Political Science, Director, Asian American Studies Program
Zeina Hakim, Associate Professor of French
Mark Cronin-Golumb, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Christine M. McWayne, Associate Professor, Director of Early Childhood Education, Department of Child Study & Human Development
Alexander Blanchette, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Elizabeth Foster, Associate Professor of History
Greg Carleton, Professor of Russian Studies, Chair of Department of International Literary and Cultural Studies
Ayesha Jalal, Mary Richardson Professor of History, Director of Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies
Jane Etish-Andrews, Director of the International Center
Ricky Crano, Lecturer in English
Nina Gerassi-Navarro, Professor of Romance Languages, Director of Latin American Studies
Sarah Sobieraj, Associate Professor of Sociology
John Castellot, Professor, Department of Integrative Physiology and Pathobiology, Tufts Medical School
Ken Garden, Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Gary Leupp, Professor of History
Julia Genster, Lecturer, Department of English
Gina Kuperberg MD PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology
Markus Wilczek, Assistant Professor of German, International Literary and Cultural Studies
Elizabeth Ammons, Harriet Fay Professor of English
Andrew McClellan, Professor of Art History and Museum Studies
Malcolm Turvey, Sol Gittleman Professor, Department of Art and Art History, Director of Film and Media Studies Program
Jonathan Strong, Lecturer in English