Op-Ed: Revel In The End

Well shoot. As the year is winding down, and everyone is stressed out of their minds … I’m just gonna avoid that for now. At the end of the year it makes me sad how everyone wants to get out of here. Don’t get me wrong, I want to too. But I do wish we could revel in these last few days together. Who knows when we’ll next see each other.

But we don’t think like that: we think of our final projects, exams, our summer ahead and getting out of this forsaken place. Goodness gracious between how much we waste food, the lack of diversity here, all the stress and everything else. It’s like “WTF Tufts!” all the time. I mean, I thought of many reasons to loathe this school when I considered transferring out last semester. But I stayed because there are a few great things about Tufts that I forget about when I’m stressed out of my mind.

One of the main reasons I stayed here was because of the incredible people. Yeah, I mean it. I’ve met the most beautiful people here — so different in every way but we gel. And that’s not to say I get along with everyone (yeah … no). But my friends are amazing, and even the people I don’t know are phenomenal. Going to different shows and presentations — there’s dance, capstone projects, cultural shows with the best food, luncheons with professors, movie showings, everything … you guys are so talented and so smart! And I remind myself to be inspired rather than comparing myself to this greatness that feels overwhelming at times.

And it’s true that the opportunities are endless. The amount of things that notify me on Facebook are annoying and definitely creates FOMO. But I mean … the clubs here gave the chance to explore Bhangra, hiking, burlesque, Vietnamese pop stars, monologues and I mean that’s only a few things I went to while other events are happening. And maybe I’m naïve and don’t truly know the different cultures I’m participating in (which is true I know very little of the history of all these things) but I am trying. And I know that I am fortunate to feel comfortable in so many different spaces.

Alas, of course Tufts is not all fun and games since … I mean I’m here to learn. And this to me happens both in and outside of the classroom. I’ve been lucky to have the most hilarious Spanish professors who put up with my broken Spanish as I stumble over words. I honestly love Spanish so much and having lunch with my professors is unreal. So, yeah my metaphorical horizons have expanded as I’ve tried to piece together what exactly anthropology is and what do you do with a philosophy degree. Classes haven’t been what I expected (both in a negative and a positive way) and I’ve learned to (or had to) deal with the cards I’ve got.

And this all aligns to social life. With the upperclassmen who’ve been patient with me as I’ve asked them a zillion questions about majors, going abroad, housing and all kinds of advice — like do I actually have to declare a major (the answer I’ve decided upon is eventually). Thank you for all of your help! Also, thank you to my friends who’ve been there as I’ve trapped myself in circles of thinking too much. You all are the greatest.

So, in the end … we’re all toughing it out here. No, it’s not perfect by any means. I truly hate when people say college is the best years of our lives.. like really? Thanks for setting up an unreachable expectation. But I can say that the sun is shining right now and I have a few beautiful friendships. I’ve been pushed here, cried here and I’ still figuring things out. I’m still learning.

So, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Don’t forget that there are a few redeeming qualities to this campus. And if you want to come explore it with me or just have a nice chat please reach out.


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