Rebecca: Being a second-semester senior is weird. I find myself nostalgic about the strangest things, like online databases. The other day one of my professors mentioned that we should take advantage of resources like JSTOR and EconLit because when we graduate, our access to these databases will disappear. Anxiety washed over me, knowing that my ability to read as many articles as I wanted on gentrification in metropolitan areas or the impact of Guinea Worm disease was slipping away in a matter of months was heartbreaking. The realization that my access to online databases would disappear also made me realize that my access to so many other things Tufts has to offer might disappear as well, like being in the same timezone as Pooja and Carm Stirfry Nights. So reader, the moral of the story is that in your time at Tufts, you should take advantage of the many opportunities this institution can offer you, even if it is just reading peer reviewed journal articles about changing urban landscapes. However, at NYSD, we recognize that while navigating the Tufts landscape and the many opportunities it presents, you may stumble on the way so for the next two months, we are still here to answer any questions you may have.

Dear NYSD,

What was your last dream?

Rebecca: Sleep is one of those things that confuses me. I never feel like I have enough of it, and somehow when I do get it, it’s stressful — just ask my dentist who is continually surprised by my grinding patterns. In light of this, I think this question is better suited for Pooja, who has been keeping a dream journal for years.

Pooja: As an avid dreamer, particularly during nights on NyQuil, I have a few interesting stories to share. For some reason, Bruce Willis made continual appearances throughout my junior year — he even got two of my friends pregnant. My dream last night, however, involved a good friend of mine (Lauren Kim). As replacement members on the cast of Orange is the New Black, Lauren and I were beginning our first day of prison where we had to face the wrath of the other inmates. If my dreams say anything about my lifestyle, it’s that I really need to stop watching television before bed.

Dear NYSD, I need to break up with my four-year long girlfriend because I want to be the next president of a country (which is also currently a massive war zone). How should I do it?

Pooja: I am confused whether your question is regarding how to be the president or how to end your relationship. Is your presidency and relationship mutually exclusive? Most great presidents tend to have great first ladies, so if your goals are to run a country, you might want to consider having someone by your side. That being said, as president you will have enough conflicts to deal with without the added war zone of your relationship.