New York Style Delhi: Leap of Faith

Pooja: As I am writing this on the 29th of February, I am reminded of a strange feeling. The 366th day of the year can have different meanings based on who you talk to. For Cam, it is now his eleventh birthday (Modern Family)! For the 1310 seniors and myself graduating in May, it is a reminder that our next round of fours are almost up. If you ask me what I did last Feb. 29, I couldn’t tell you exactly. However, I could tell you that I shared the same sense of anxiety, displacement, change, nostalgia and sentimentality that I feel now. On Feb. 29, 2012, I was a senior in high school with the same excitement and terror for Tufts as I now have for the real world. If you ask me about the leap year before that (2008), I was a gawky eighth grader with similar sentiments about entering high school. I would like to dedicate this week’s column and this leap year to the Class of 2016, who have taken much more than just a leap of faith for the past three February 29ths (for those who follow this schedule of fours). I’d like to think we are given something on the 366th day of the year — we’re given the chance to acknowledge how far we’ve come. We’re given an anniversary of perspective on how much we’ve grown and how much growth is left to come.

Dear NYSD, What should I name my dog?

Rebecca: This is easy — you should name your dog after Pooja. Her name is quite versatile; we even had a friend who would use her name as an expletive. If his team were winning the football game, he would scream, “Pooja!” If his team were losing the football game he would dejectedly sink into his seat, whispering, “Oh, Pooja.” Pooja is clearly the best choice for your dog’s name. However, if you were looking for something more traditional, choose Skip.

Dear NYSD, I think my boyfriend loves me, but he hasn’t said it yet, what does that mean?

Rebecca: I have never been good at the “wait and see” method; I need a deadline. I need to know exactly when and how something will happen. Therefore, reader, it pains me to say that there is no exact time your significant other will tell you he loves you. Here you have two choices — you can wait and see without an end in sight, or you can be bold and say it first. Here at NYSD, we like Woody Allen, believe that 80 percent of life is just showing up, but a fifth of the time you have to do a little more heavy lifting. So be bold, reader, say it first, and if your significant other does not feel the same way, you can move onto finding someone who will!

That’s all that we have for this week — keep submitting questions to our Google Doc!