New York Style Dehli: Marco DeMarco

Rebecca: I often write about my mom, mostly because I regard her as a sage. When giving advice, I always fall back on her musings. However, today’s introduction is about my mom’s interaction with Mac DeMarco. My brother is a huge Mac DeMarco fan, and after finding out that Mac was summering on our peninsula, he asked my mom and me to get him an autograph. The next day my mom and I drove to Mac DeMarco’s house with a pound of cookies and hilarity ensued, mostly because my mom had no clue what Mac DeMarco looked like. She began poking me and whispering, “Is that him?” with every passing shaggy man.  When she finally met Mac DeMarco, she began asking him about his Italian last name, “Are you Italian? I’m Italian!” We learned that Mac DeMarco’s grandfather was Italian. Then she asked him if he was kosher and when he said no, she responded with “Perfect, when I make you a meat sauce, I can put pork in it!” As we were leaving my mom waved and said “Bye Marco DeMarco.” My mom called Mac DeMarco Marco DeMarco. I often wonder if Mac DeMarco remembers this. This question was answered this weekend when a friend met him and asked if he remembered the mom who called him by the wrong name. He does and specifically that she offered to make him sauce but only if he promised to return her pot. Pooja and I can only hope to give advice as memorable as my mother.

Dear NYSD, I am a senior and have a crush on a freshman boy, but I don’t know if he’s of age. What do I do?

Seeing as it’s second semester, I’d say you’re safe. Chances are the little nugget had a wild 18th birthday some time in 2015 (probably inclusive of #FinallyLegal #StillCantDrinkInAmerica tags) and all action you venture towards will be 100 percent legal. A little Facebook creeping never hurts though, just to make sure.

Dear NYSD, I have a crush on my orientation leader, but I don’t know if she’ll date down?

Well, if the orientation leader happens to be our last advisee then you’re in luck. Let them know you’re 18 (or lie if you’re not?) and you two lovebirds are good to go. I think it’s time NYSD started to function as the Tufts platform of Craigslist missed connections; so, reader 1 and 2, go forth and find your matches.

Dear NYSD, How do you choose an advisor?

Rebecca and I have probably had more break-ups with academic advisors than real heartbreaks. To be honest, these ones are probably even more destabilizing. The end to a three-year relationship is never pretty, so I advise you reserve the advice giving for your two favorite writers of NYSD. We deliver weekly without fail and have been doing so for the past 1.5 years. That is more than I can say of some of our academic advising relationships.