New York Style Delhi: YK16

Pooja: Rebecca has often compared herself to Cher, not only to the artist but also the fictional character from the 1995 film “Clueless.” There are many reasons to draw a comparison between the two, but the most important would be their shared love of matchmaking. Rebecca loves to matchmake, and I often seem to find myself the victim of her experimental antics. Last semester after my Hotline Bling (Marimba Remix) ringtone went off in Carm, she proceeded to deliver a note with my phone number to our neighbouring table while saying, “Call this number and make her hotline bling.” Just last week she slipped our cute waiter YK some chopsticks with my phone number on it, asking him to call me. Although I have to admit I did like YK; he was the kind of person who had enough hair for a man-bun but chose a man-ponytail insteadmy kind of man. This exchange was then followed by another two hours of matchmaking antics and over-cher-ing of Pooja stories. Though none of her antics have worked out as yet, I’m feeling like YK16 may just be the year Rebecca finds love for someone else. Perhaps that someone could be you, that is, if you submit to our forum.

Dear NYSD,

I ran out of shows to watch on Netflix, what do you recommend?

Rebecca: This often happens to me.  It seems like I have watched everything, and I am pretty sure that I have.  My favorite show of all time is “Entourage,” the story of four boys from Queens who try their luck in Los Angeles. When Vinny Chase says, “I am Queens Boulevard,” I get chills. However, I will assume that you do not have HBO GO so I will move onto Netflix suggestions. People are often surprised when they hear of my taste in television; it’s too *manly* due to my penchant for “The League” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Therefore, I will recommend a quintessential girls’ show: “Jane the Virgin.” It is riveting.

Dear NYSD,

I am 23-year-old virgin; am I the only one? Am I too old?

Rebecca: Well, reader, on “Jane the Virgin,” Jane is 24 years old, so by those standards you are quite young! But on a serious note, you are definitely not the only one and you are not too old.  Everyone matures at their own rate; you’re not behind or ahead of anyone. Move at your own pace.

Dear NYSD,

Do you think that men are capable of committing to women in a Tinder world???

Rebecca: My housemate heard me read this question aloud and muttered “Nope.” I think that this is too pessimistic. A man can commit to a woman, just not to any woman. Keep in mind, being picky is good for you too! Play the game, you will win soon enough!

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