Letter from the Editors-in-Chief

Dear members of the Tufts community, 

It is a Daily tradition to write a letter from the editor — or in this case, editors — for the final issue of the semester. Writing to you are Drew Robertson and Joe Palandrani, the Spring and Fall 2015 Editors-in-Chief, respectively. 

Yesterday, we held another one of the Daily’s traditions: Our semester elections, an event that marks the Daily’s transition of custody from one group of leaders to the next. It is also a time in which we reflect on the past semester and gather together to make decisions for the future of the organization. 

Sunday afternoon, the Daily voted on a new mission statement. Coming out of a set of strategic meetings and the work of the Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee, this mission statement is also a chance for us, the 100+ Jumbos that make up the Tufts Daily, to rededicate ourselves and our work to serving the Tufts community. As an independent, student-run newspaper, the Daily is in many ways a service organization, and at our best we strive to follow the guidelines we set forth for ourselves below:  

The Tufts Daily strives to serve all Tufts communities:

By actively pursuing inclusive, relevant and responsible coverage

By creating a platform for open, honest and respectful discussion

By holding ourselves to high organizational standards of transparency and integrity

The Tufts Daily offers:

Educational and leadership opportunities for student-peers in established and innovative media practices

A culture of mentorship and exploration for aspiring journalists

A welcoming and respectful community of passionate students

At the close of the semester, we also want to thank all members of the Tufts community who helped us reach for these goals. By sitting for an interview, engaging with our content online and on social media, writing a letter to the editor or an op-ed or simply being a faithful reader, countless members of the Tufts community make the Daily’s work possible. The list of those who make our work meaningful extends far beyond the Daily’s masthead. 

We thank you for your time and investment, and we’re happy to celebrate another semester together on the Hill. 

Warm regards, 

Drew Robertson and Joe Palandrani