Leftism is the dangerous precedent

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a Tufts Daily Editorial published on April 7th, 2015 entitled “‘Feticide’ case sets dangerous precedent”

I comment with respect on a difficult and complex, but very important topic. Whatever your ideas are on the appropriate definition of marriage, this Indiana issue is not about that. It’s about human and American freedom. Based on your ideas about religious freedom, your editorial board has absorbed well the most vibrant religious system in the world today: leftism. You’ve absorbed the anti-American, ill-liberal idea that discrimination is bad and equality is good. How un-self-aware you are. Tufts University powerfully discriminated against stupid people and accepted you in to study so our society can have the best chance of reaping excellence from your work. You were not treated equal to the stupid guy and should not have been. Those with intact American values understand good discrimination is wonderful. We understand equality was never a core American value except for the fact that in essence we are all equal in God’s eyes. We are wonderfully unequal in almost all other ways — good and bad folks, talented and untalented folks, motivated and lazy folks.

In your editorial, instead of embracing core basic American values like freedom of conscience and religion, you speak of Indiana’s law as “anti-LGBTQ legislation.” So lets see how this plays out in your “no discrimination” and “all is equal” world of values. Now, in a world that holds your view, an honest, hardworking, devout American Christian, Jew or Muslim who believes what all of humanity has believed for millennia — that the best for children and society is to organize families around a single unit of a mother and father — will be highly discriminated against and be treated very unequally. He will be fined or jailed if he declines to participate in an event that celebrates what goes against his basic beliefs. The state will demand he enter the hall, walk in, carry his goods and participate in such celebration. Even though the couple getting married has the choice of many businessmen that will serve them, and even though the non-supporting business man will be a good, kind, moral American and serve any gay, Wiccan, leftist or Tea Party man or woman in his private store, you will still demand, still command, the state to coerce and threaten him if he does not comply. On that score, I also presume that if a family member of such a marrying couple declines to attend for religious reasons, then they too should be highly discriminated against, fined or jailed for their action. Right?

And by the way, I then also presume you will fine or jail the pro-abortion American. Let’s say there is a big pro-life convention. In the hall are splayed ultrasound videos playing our fellow human babies violently killed in high definition, 1080p resolution on 120-inch diameter flat screen TVs. In the hall are also large posters of the effects of such an abortion on a human child. I presume with your fine liberal progressive values you will also compel by force such a pro-abortion pizza maker to come inside, head up, smile on his face, set up and distribute their piping hot Neapolitan slices. Right?

Let’s summarize then. You are really not liberal, because you disdain freedom of religion and conscience. You are not against discrimination because you discriminate powerfully against people with whom you disagree and who claim legitimate fundamental rights to express themselves. All in all, you reject American values and embrace the control-loving and freedom-crushing values of leftism. Such values should be rejected for the sake of us all: all of our children growing in the womb or those that escape the abortionist knife outside the womb, all of our gay and straight and religious and non-religious Americans.

And by the way, as I presume you do not know, all of these laws just give standing in court for a man to argue his religious claims in front of an impartial judge. They do not give such claims carte-blanche effect. That standing I presume you wish crushed too. You on the left will question why a man can come and be heard to defend his God given rights to religious freedom. Tyranny is in the DNA of leftism. That’s reason No. 16,567 why leftism is so destructive here in America. It’s why we now have about a million pages of federal laws governing every part of our lives. And that’s what “hope” and “change” is all about, right?

Maybe check out the great Prager University five-minute videos on the web. There are great scholars speaking about American versus leftist values.