Letter to the Editor

I would like to make some very important corrections regarding the article that was published about the uncertain future of TuftsLife in last Thursday’s Daily. When I was first contacted by the story’s author for information about the story, I responded with an email containing background information about who might be the best person with whom to speak for writing an article about TuftsLife. I also mentioned that in addition to TuftsLife, there is an effort underway to investigate campus-wide calendar services.

When I read the article Thursday morning, I was quite disappointed to find incorrect factual information in the article. In my email, I told the Daily that “student government has been working with the OCL and the Dean of Student Affairs to look into professional companies offering calendars,” which was erroneously misinterpreted in the article as “the TCU Senate has also been looking into bringing an alternative online calendar to campus.”

The statement I initially made was very carefully chosen because in addition to members of the TCU Senate’s Executive Board, Becky Goldberg, chair of the TCU Judiciary, had been leading the charge to find a new campus calendar. In fact, the entire initiative to find a campus-wide calendar service is due to the hard work Becky has put into the search.

Part of my dismay at reading this article was the fact that I had never heard from the article’s author following my email, the contents of which I never expected to end up printed in the Daily. I believe that if the article’s author had confirmed quotes or followed up with me (as most reporters for the Daily do), these errors could have been avoided.

I feel that it is very important to make corrections to this article and give credit where it is due.


Robert Joseph

TCU President 2014-2015