Maciejewski for Tufts: a sensible vote


Tomorrow when students vote, they again face the question of what they want in a Senate and in a president. A vote for Christie Maciejewski will mean we value formal experience with Senate processes, collaboration with administrators and a commitment to addressing the Senate’s flaws with a careful consideration of what’s best for everyone.

A vote for Joe Donenfeld, and especially a vote for Joe Thibodeau, will mean that we value the student voice above all else, even when it means stepping on the toes of the administrators whose job is to facilitate the Senate’s projects.

While perhaps popular opinion holds that Tufts undergraduates are now ready for the activist TCU president in Joe Thibodeau, the Daily values Maciejewski’s assurance that she would use her experience convincing individual administrators to approve initiatives benefiting the entire student body.

Maciejewski is by no means a departure from the normal. She is a Senate kid,” as her opponents have been quick to point out – the type who spends vacation time doing Senate work. This aspect of Maciejewski as a candidate, rather than detracting from her viability, should give voters more reason to consider her seriously. Experience and a track record of accomplishments on the body she wishes to lead are not negatives