Joey service warrants improvements

While it may be the butt of jokes, the Joey is a very important part of life on the Hill, especially as the temperature drops. The Joey provides students with a quick and warm ride to Davis Square and back, allowing safe passage to the Davis Square T Stop, restaurants, convenience stores and everything else that Davis has to offer. That is, the Joey provides safe passage when it actually comes on time.

With all the talks of a shuttle to Boston, we must not forget that our very own bus has some problems of its own. Mainly, the Joey suffers from a lack of an accurate tracker. While the drivers may try their best to adhere to a set schedule, traffic, overcrowding and other unforeseen circumstances often leave shivering students stranded in the square. Although there are alternatives, such as the crowdsourced iPhone app Party Bus,” an official site, app, or even a Twitter feed with everyone’s favorite white bus’ location would save students time as well as keep them safer in the colder weather and on the darker evenings.

However, the lack of a tracker is not the only problem with the Joey. Within the past few weeks, the Joey has been involved in two accidents with students. Whether this is an issue with driver competence or students’ ignorance of traffic laws, there is obviously a problem. Similarly, overcrowding, especially in the winter months when more students are hitching a ride, calls into question the safety of riding the Joey.

The Department of Public and Environmental Safety should take note of this safety hazard