Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

As you wake up from your Super Bowl food comas and prepare for the third full week of the spring semester, the Daily is here with a fresh batch of columnists sure to offer useful tips and provide a morning chuckle.

In the Features section, Alyson Yee’s “Odd Jobs” explores some offbeat career opportunities available to her mates in the class of 2012, not least of which is following in George Costanza’s footsteps as a hand model. 

Ben Schwalb surveys the tech industry and its connections to current events in “Das Coding,” while Jasmin Sadegh describes her experiences as an engineering student to outsiders. And if you are looking for guidance on anything — well, almost anything — you will probably find it in Jack Webster and Hannah Furgang’s satirical advice column every Thursday. 

The Arts department delivers a wide variety of perspectives. In “Sassy Cinema,” Jacob Passy and Alex Kaufman consider aspects of the film world from a viewpoint that is, well, sassy. Meanwhile, on Tuesdays, Elizabeth Landers will have the latest on all things fashion. 

  In the aptly named “Barasch on Books,” James Barasch reviews a wide swath of biographies and novels — many with a historical perspective — helping you limit your extracurricular reading to only the very best. Finally, Niki Krieg trades her managing editor’s hat for a crown in her food column, “Queen of Cibo,” presenting the recipes you need to eat your hangovers and midterm blues away.

Op-Ed columnist Walt Laws-MacDonald returns with “Show Me the Money.” After tackling Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan and the financial importance of Black Friday in the fall, he will give you his take on the latest financial news, such as Facebook’s recent IPO, throughout the spring. 

Veterans Zach Drucker and Alex Prewitt are back to anchor the spring Sports slate. If the Knicks lose on a boneheaded mistake or the Mets suffer a season-ending injury, you won’t want to miss Drucker’s laments in “The Loser.” And as Casey heads back to the dugout after his legendary whiff, Ernest Thay, er, Prewitt is “Live from Mudville” to help you cope.

The Sports department also has two rookie columnists joining the team. Sam Gold dishes on the relationship between sports and society, blasting Skip Bayless and the BCS along the way. Alex Arthur sees a wide-open field and is ready to run on any salient topic that finds its way into “King Arthur’s Court.”

Last but not least, be sure to head to our website, TuftsDaily.com, every Friday for “Teatime” with video columnist Nash Simpson. Pour yourself a cup of Rooibos, Jasmine or Earl Grey, and pull up a chair for the lowdown on everything from sports to pop culture.

Before I let you turn back to today’s content, for the first time this semester, I can honestly say that the Daily will see you tomorrow. We are ready to make good on our name and motto, so from now until April 30, you can expect to read it here first five times a week.


Daniel Rathman