Letter from the Editor


Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the Hill and best wishes for the New Year. 

Many of you returned to campus this week, in time for the winter’s first snowstorm. Here at the Daily, we came back to an entirely different storm – one that left our office flooded and with only two operational computers for the production of this issue. It’s a minor miracle that you are reading this letter and solving the Sudoku today, and I first want to recognize both the innovative efforts of our staff and the help of the Tufts Facilities Department in making it all possible. 

Since you last flipped through our pages, the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary kicked off a pivotal election year, Tebowmania consumed the sports world, and SOPA and PIPA spawned a spirited debate about censorship and copyright infringement that will only grow as the Internet age evolves. Closer to home, the women’s basketball team won 11 consecutive games and the Office for Campus Life announced that civil rights activist Cornel West will visit the university in February. The Daily may have paused for a month, but the news cycle is unstoppable, and as the spring semester begins, we are eager to catch up. 

As our motto states, we aim to be your first source for news from the Hill, the surrounding community, and beyond. That means going beyond our printed issues and website content, to blogs and Twitter (@TuftsDaily). Last semester, we brought a third blog, NESCAC Insider — joining Jumbo Slice and The Score — under our wing, broadening our sports content to include the latest news from around the conference. This semester, our enhanced new media department will offer even more audio and video content, giving voices to our stories that aren’t heard in print.

To reach its full potential, the Daily must not only inform, but also represent all corners of the Tufts community. We want to hear from you, both through suggestions for improving our coverage (at [email protected]) and through your own submissions on campus policies or life outside our sheltered world on the Hill (at [email protected]). As University President Monaco enters his second semester at the helm, we hope to offer you a window into his vision for Tufts, and to give you a chance to shape it. 

Whether you’re a writer, a photographer, a cartoonist, or an editor, we would love to have you contribute directly by joining the Daily. Details on our general interest meetings will be available soon, and the door to the basement of Curtis Hall is always open. 

As our readers, you make the hours we devote nightly to ensuring the accuracy and pertinence of our content worthwhile. We thank you for picking up the Daily each morning on your way to class, whether it’s to read every word, chuckle at the comics page or feel good about yourself for finding something to recycle. However the Daily contributes to your experience at Tufts, we hope that you enjoy perusing our content this semester as much as we enjoy producing it.


Daniel Rathman