Letter to The Editor

Dear Editor:

Tufts Democrats had a remarkable run this election season. Thank you to Mike Hawley, Antonella Scarano and the Tufts Republicans for their graciousness and eagerness to engage in debate, even when they felt so outnumbered. Thanks to the Tufts Votes team for their thankless hours organizing voter registration. One-hundred-and-thirty-eight thank yous to the Tufts students who joined us in New Hampshire — and to the others that helped here, in Connecticut and in New Hampshire on other occasions. I have been humbled by the hard work of the Tufts Dems executive board, which inspire and challenge me, and we all owe the deepest of debts to the remarkable work of Beata Bujalska, Ben Silver, Eliza Bikvan, Dena Greenblum and Ethan Hochheiser — and the rest of the Tufts Students for Barack Obama team — whose professionalism in student organizing was reflected in the national campaign itself. Most of all, thank you to the Tufts community which took advantage of the opportunity to be engaged this year by volunteering, voting and encouraging their friends to get involved. According to The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), between 22.8 and 23.1 million members of our generation cast ballots this year, about 3.4 million more than in 2004. According to CNN, we outperformed even the 65-plus demographic. Given that President-elect Barack Obama carried the youth vote by 34 percent, we can and should be proud of ourselves for delivering this historic victory and for bringing forth the change that we so desperately need.



Shana Hurley

President, Tufts Democrats