While the proposed pub in Hotung Caf?© is not a done deal yet, the idea is gathering momentum and enthusiasm. As Tufts students, we are excited to see there is energy and commitment on all sides to improving campus life. If this passion continues, the pub could be a tremendous positive for the Tufts social scene.

However, before we pour the first beer or uncork the first bottle of wine, there should be a few words of caution: The pub will survive only if students use it responsibly and as another option for fun on campus. All Tufts students have the expectation of an engaging and sustainable campus life full of options of a variety of tastes.

If the Hotung pub does become a reality, students must not display the same lack of interest that led to the closing of the original on-campus pub.

By using the venue in a responsible, but consistent manner, we can ensure the venue is here to stay and has the time to develop into an attractive on-campus institution.

Ostensibly, a campus pub could encourage seniors to stay on campus and participate in other campus events. For all the complaining about the lack of a social life on campus, students are often quick to forget about the multitude of activities posted on Tuftslife.com and on posters around campus. These diverse events’ success is most important to securing a viable campus life. Hotung pub (and its users) must complement – and not simply replace – these options.

Hotung’s renovations and possible pub also highlight the need to revamp campus social venues. The success of the Tower Caf?© and Brown and Brew demonstrate students’ desires to have attractive places on campus to gather socially.

A revamped Hotung Caf?© will likely have the same fate for students. For current and future Jumbos, this is a welcome development. Within the renovated space, we hope Hotung will continue and increase its social programming to create an atmosphere for seniors to enjoy a pint or a night out.

Moreover, Hotung’s redevelopment from a dark and typically empty space into a welcome and inviting campus hotspot begs further renovations to the Mayer Campus Center itself.

We’re pleased Hotung will have a revitalized space and fresh menu options (although we hope there are some foods included that pair well with alcohol), but these steps are not enough. As the building currently stands, it remains incomplete. Due to a lack of funds at the time of construction, the job was never completed. With the upcoming capital campaign, we hope the university will make the expansion and renovation of the Campus Center a priority, especially if the pub idea succeeds.

As this paper has noted before, the potential for an on-campus bar raises the need for students to understand their rights and the laws regarding alcohol consumption. We also hope that the on-campus location of the pub means students will not treat Hotung like a frat house or random bar, but will respect their campus and fellow Jumbos.

The very fact that students and administration have united to create better campus life is a great development. We hope this is the first among many areas where cooperation is used to make Tufts a more attractive place to current and future students.

We look forward to the first time students can grab a beer and watch Sunday football games, or a group of Jumbos can gather over wine and desserts. If all goes well, Tufts will gain an institution central to campus life.

We’ll drink to that.