BREAKING: Elections Commission releases TCU election results 

The TCU Senate meets on March 5. Matthew Sage / The Tufts Daily

The Tufts Community Union Elections Commission released the results of 2023–24 TCU election on April 19. 1,309 people voted, representing 20.14% of TCU members. The final Class of 2026 senator will be decided in a runoff between Anand Patil and Savannah Thompson during the TCU presidential election. The results are as follows:

Community Senators

Africana: Tolulope Adewumi ’25

Asian American: Thy Nguyen ’26

Disability: Itamar Oelsner ’25

FIRST: Alexander Vang ’26

International: Toluwani Oso ’25

Latinx: Odalis Vargas ’24

LGBTQ+: Donovan Sanders ’26

Women’s: Krystal Mutebi ’25

Indigenous: Vacant

SMFA: Vacant

TCU Judiciary

Jacob Ackiron ’26

Jack Eftink ’24

Erika Kim ’26

Ethan VanGosen ’25

Caroline Vandis ’24

Lucas Wong ’24

1 Vacancy​

Committee on Student Life

Erika Effenberger ’24

3 Vacancies

Class of 2026

Rhoda Edwards

Bethel Hineshim

Jose Armando

Caroline Spahr

Dhruv Sampat

Arman Tendulkar 

Class of 2025

Anika Buder-Greenwood

Varun Nagpal

Joel Omolade

Nessren Ourdyl

Mikayla Paquette

Aniyah Perry

Natalie Rossinow

Class of 2024

Emily Childs

Hadiya Giwa

Arielle Galinsky

Sophie Rice

Wanci Nana

Michelle Sun

Gavin Clouser


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