TCU Senate makes changes to Senate bylaws, endorses statement from Tufts Labor Coalition

The Mayer Campus Center is pictured. Michelle Li / Tufts Daily

The TCU Senate discussed its bylaws, heard a statement from the Tufts Labor Coalition and heard supplementary funding requests in a meeting on Sunday.

TCU Historian and Class of 2024 Senator Mariana Janer-Agrelot discussed the TCU Senate meet and greet which took place on Nov. 5. Various administrators were present at the meet and greet including University President Anthony Monaco, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences James Glaser, interim Dean of the School of Engineering Kyongbum Lee, Provost and Senior Vice President Nadine Aubry and Director of Dining and Business Services Patti Klos, among others.

“We had a pretty productive conversation where we … created dialogue with admin and we … are very excited to be working with them on future projects,” Janer-Agrelot said.

After a brief roll call, TCU Parliamentarian and Class of 2023 Senator Ibrahim Al-Muasher introduced the Senate bylaws. A change in a bylaw states that Senate standing committees, individual senators or the Senate Executive Board, may only determine, advertise or announce their own official position or endorsement on a project initiative or statement after a vote of the entire body. After lots of discussion, the bylaw amendment passed.

“No individual or group may use the Senate’s name or logo in advocating on behalf of projects, ideas or initiatives unless it is clearly stated that Senate has come to an agreement upon the issue through a vote of the full body,” the new bylaw reads. “There shall be no exceptions.”

Al-Muasher then introduced a letter that Tufts Labor Coalition sent to Vice President of Operations Barbara Stein on Oct. 28. asking for a town-hall style meeting where facilities workers can discuss their concerns directly with the administration.

“As students, we feel it is important that the workers that make up our community are heard and treated fairly,” TLC wrote in the letter. “Facilities workers do so much to support students, and we want to be part of an institution that treats them the same way.” 

TLC explained in the letter that prior to the pandemic, students and facilities workers were fighting for a town hall meeting with the administration where workers could directly express their facilities-related concerns. TLC also explained that an open town hall meeting would be the best way to allow for this conversation. 

“We feel that an open forum would create a comfortable environment for facilities workers to voice their concerns,” TLC wrote. “We also believe that this should be an open community conversation, considering that the wellbeing of campus workers affects all members of the campus community.” 

The TCU Senate voted 24–0 to endorse TLC’s statement.

Class of 2023 Senator Jalen Little then introduced several supplementary funding requests. 

TFL Comedy, a comedy group, requested $200 for increased costume expenses for the group’s comedy shows. The request passed by acclamation with nine Allocations Board members voting in favor, none opposing and none abstaining.

The Korean Students Association requested $280 to pay for Lotte Pepero and sticky notes for the organization’s annual celebration of Pepero Day. The request passed by acclamation with eight Allocations Board members voting in favor, none opposing and one abstaining.

The National Society of Black Engineers requested $2,400 for event registration and membership dues to send 24 members to a fall virtual conference. The request passed by acclamation with seven Allocations Board members voting in favor, none opposing and two abstaining.

Tufts Friends of Israel requested $400 to pay for a speaker event with diplomat Dan Kurtzer. The request passed by acclamation with nine Allocations Board members voting in favor, none opposing and none abstaining.